Ivy League Tokers GTFIH!

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  1. Yale reporting in.
  2. i got into columbia, stanford and cornell (is that ivy? lol) but couldnt afford it. i would be a legacy at yale, but i didnt apply... shit.
  3. ivy league dont mean shit. its just the name of the school on a paper that shows a status symbol. why is harvard better than morehouse? why isnt USC orangeburg a ivy league school?

    its not what college you went to, its the education you got there. im a complete stoner and my cousin goes to Colombia and he is STILL as dumb as a rock. He knows what color underwaer Christopher Columbus wore but he couldn't use a hammer to save his life. If you didnt get into the IVY LEAGUE on Scholarship then you should not attend at all. thats just my $0.02

  4. thats why i ended up at Colorado State, im paying for my own schooling; to spare my mom more trouble, because i love her.

    i mean, i could have gone to stanford, MIT, CalTech, princeton, cornell, columbia (i got into all of them, not bragging or anything) but none gave me scholarship. oh well, their loss:smoke:
  5. There are plenty of schools other than ivies that provide a top notch education. Just trying to gather members from the countries top schools. Where do/did you go?
  6. That's alright man undergrad colleges don't really matter that much anyway. It would have been irresponsible to pay out of your butt cheeks just to go to a more prestigious school.
  7. exactly!

    im going to MIT, CalTech, Stanford or Cambridge (my uncle is head of the Theoretical Physics Department there :metal: ) for grad school, in Chemical Engineering... that is when the prestige will not feign importance, their grad programs really are top notch.

    im getting a great edumacation here at CSU, great engineering program.
  8. i hate the system, i mean, what makes the ivy league schools better than the rest? its just the fucking name to have on your CV when your going for a job.
  9. Exactly why they're better. They get you more respect and better jobs.
    It's somewhat of a Catch 22.
    They're better because they have a better reputation amongst common folk and the workplace, but they only have that reputation because they are apparently so much better.
  10. I got into Devry. :)

    take that Ivy League!
  11. california state college, fuck yeahhhh!!!!! :metal:
  12. I've drank a lot of beer with Ivy Leaugers, and they clearly earned their chops in THAT catagory.

    Most folks will tell you (once they've gotten past the mindset of the undergrad rat race) that your undergrad degree isn't that big of a deal.

    Okay, it might get you your first job, and might provide some more connections, but that's about it. In today's most competitive environments (high finance, law, and academia) your undergrad degree really doesn't mean a thing because the undergraduate experience is essentially the same anywhere you go. Beer, weed, showing up to class, and lots of b.s. service projects and internships to pad the resume for graduate school.

    What matters is your graduate degree in terms of MBA, JD, Ph.D or MD and where you got it from. If you can get a 3.7+ at State as an undergrad, you probably could have done 3.5+ at Ivy. And with some solid letters of reference, you'll get into those top graduate programs if you're interested in those fields.

    Take a look at the C.Vs of the professors at those top schools. A lot of the undergrad degrees (and even first masters degrees) are from North Southern Central State, and now they are the top profs.
  13. I'm working my way up so i'll be going to an ivy league (hopefully) by 2014. I used to hate math then I realized its the key to figuring out life's most complex problems. Its what I want to do and am looking forward to possibly attending someday in the near future and yes......I will be stoned.
  14. people getting mad ITT
  15. I love the idea of this thread. I think the OP's purpose was to kind of make fun of/shatter stereotypes. When someone thinks of an ivy league student, "stoner" is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, right? Hahaha, fantastic. :]
  16. went into business for myself after high school and im a pretty young guy to make as much as i make. you'll never get a job like this. top notch education or not.

  17. Hey bud I think you're missing the point of the original post. The OP seems to be trying to break down the stereotypes of idiot stoners.

    I have to disagree with your hammer analogy as well. As someone who is currently in Grad school (not Ivy league) and a pretty avid carpenter, I feel I can tell you this: Anyone can learn how to drive nails or cut a dovetail joint, but not everyone can understand integrals, epigenetics, or even quantum mechanics. There are some abstract phenomena that some people just don't have the aptitude for comprehension (like me and String Theory, I just don't get it...) :)

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