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I've tried indica dominiant weed but..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, May 11, 2010.

  1. now i want to try sativa dominiant weed. I'm a new smoker so my high is gonna be pretty intense. When i smoked kush my body was throbbing and i basically had a body high... Sativa is supposed to give you a head high right? well what exactly is that? What's gonna happen?

    And how do i ask for that? do i just say "hook me up with sativa dominiant weed" or is there a certain type name for it orr... :confused:
  2. You can't choose, for the most part you get what you get.
  3. if your guy knows whats up and gets a good variety, he should be able to find something to hook you up
  4. yep. until you find someone that has a few strains/knows the difference between em or you grow
  5. A sativa high is fun. You might be active and feeling energetic, or you may stare at a spot on the wall for 2 hours lost in thought. If you ask for haze you might have some luck, thats what dealers around here call strong sativas.
  6. Make sure your guy knows what he's talking about.. People will just throw shit out there for money.
    Tbh, practically all the people I smoke with barely use the internet and couldn't tell me the difference between indica and sativa if I asked, but they know it refers to weed.

    An easy buck for him would be:
    Him: Yeah dude I'm selling some dankkkk bud.
    You: Aight cool but Id like to try indica this time dude.
    Him: *Pauses a second* yeah dude this stuff is some good indica shit.
    Him: $$$$$

    But to answer your question..

    Dominant indica (Cannaboid dominant): Sort of a narcotic feeling, you feel just like kicking back, just feel like chilling and not moving, you might feel tingling throughout your body as it's CBD dominant and you have CBD receptors throughout your body, not just your brain.

    Dominant sativa (THC dominant): kinda energetic, more of a creative clear thinking head high, kinda feels like floating opposed to indica where you feel like you just want to sink back.

    They both have their benefits.. Ive read that sativas are good for treating nerve pain, and indicas are good for muscle pain and anxiety. Personally I'll take either or, or a hybrid. You are still getting cannaboids or thc regardless, it's just the ratio and I guess finding YOUR perfect high you might want a certain ratio of THC or CBD's in your body at one time.
  7. A sativa high feels like a big head rush. You'll feel alot of pressure in your head and around your eyes. To me it feels like my head is going to explode. It's alot more like a stimulant effect, you'll want to do a bunch of stuff. I'm not really a fan of sativa because it's so focused on your head, and very uncomfortable for me. I like a nice indica body high because I like to chill and pass out when I smoke. It's a matter of preference tho.
  8. I know some old hippies that would rather eat shit than smoke Indicas They grow their own Sativa. Personally I like the Sativas more than I do Indicas. I like the flavor and the type of high. Very energetic. I get shit done on Sativas.
  9. Dude my advice is, dont get obsessed with names or strains unless your doing medical. Dealers will use this to their advantage and sell you or make up names to make it sound better than it is. Try every kind you can get. Chances are sooner or later you will run into an what your looking for. Don't ask around for shit. Just buy it. Learn how to tell the shit weed to the high end stuff. I am lucky to have someone that wont rip me off. Until you find a guy. Don't ask for specifics. You will get disappointed.

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