I've stumbled upon something interesting.

Discussion in 'General' started by Lexus_Rolla, May 10, 2006.

  1. I'm assuming most people know what Vicodin and Percoset and whatnot are. I stumbled upon a website that offers these and other drugs at cheap prices with no prescription required. They guarantee their shipping but they require a minimum of a $200 order. In the last 5 years these drugs have become widespread and their illegitimate use has skyrocketed. I've been told it is supposedly easy to aquire these things over websites such as this one. I just find it too hard to believe that this is possible.

    At one point on the site's FAQ Brazil is mentioned. Something about shipping points from Brazil. They claim they will ship to any country with 99% problem free.

    My initial thoughts are that its too good to be true. My afterthoughts are that it could easily be a sting from the DEA or some other agency. I'd like to know other's thoughts on this.
  2. I wouldnt trust it myself. It could be real, But theres too much suspicion for me to risk my shit like that.
  3. yea it could be real... but i don't know if its worth the risk. find a site that says you have to fill out like an online interview or something... then they acually have a legit doctor review it and write you a legit script... gotta love the internet :)
  4. link me please. very curious

  5. Can't do that.

  6. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea even if I knew it was safe. The risks of becoming addicted is incredibly high. This site sells it all. Morphine, percs, vics, contins, xanax, shit you name it. I'd end up like Rush Limbaugh. That or I'd become a drug dealer. Or both.

    I did check out some Mexican Pharmacies though. They bring up another interesting tidbit as all their online pharmacies don't stock anything considered a narcotic. However the company says they ship worldwide and the DEA couldn't arrest someone in Europe or China could they? So iffy it could be legit.
  7. I wish it were legit, chances are its not.
  8. My moms a psychiatrist and I was talking with her about this... She says the penalty for recieving or distributing controlled substances is terribly strict. Over 3 years in prison if youre over 18. I'm leaving this one alione :)
  9. i saw something on the news about how some kid ordered legal prescription drugs online with his parents credit card, so it might be true. I wouldnt trust it tho, as it might be under DEA watch/control.
  10. Are you all actually that vapid? It's a scam.

    "anything that is too good to be true, probably is".
  11. i would believe it up to the point of $200 minimum order. especially since you are doing something that is illegal. you'd want to keep the package as small as possible.
  12. these sites are completly legit. personally i have not orderd any script drug on the internet... i dont abuse script drugs.... much. ill admit, i like my k-pins eery now and then, and a good roxy also. but u need a high level script to achive any. they have doctors that will write you one. then it becomes completly legal. i mean sure, the doctor is crooked and lucky he hasnt got caught for writting useless scripts but heh, this is america. where alcohol causes more deaths then car accidents and pot is still illegal.

    if u wanna front the 200 to this company ud proly be fine. think of it this way, you could prolly turn each pill into 5 bucks a pop depending on dose. how many pills of what dose is it for $200?
  13. After doing more research on the company's pharmacy number they provide I found out that they are in fact a real pharmacy. However, the guy who runs the thing is supposed to be quite flaky. People have complained of 6 month turn around times to get their stuff. Tempting to try but probably not worth the risk ultimately. I'd just like to get some Percs or some Vikes or something.

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