Ive Ran Into Some Problems Please Help

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  1. I have A couple leaves with yellow spots && one leaf is almost dead I think because it gets no light but the others I don't know.. I think it might be because I've upped her nutes a Lil bit bit I would love some others opinion... I added a pic of the whole plant too.

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  2. Majority of the plant looks good so I wouldn't worry. But it looks like you tied her down once and then never continued training.. pointless almost.
  3. Looks kind of droopy, like it has been over watered a bit. Those messed up leaves look more like a possible cal-mag issue but nutrient can get locked out by over watering as well. As mentioned, if all the new leaves, and the majority of the plant is looking ok then you most likely don't need any kind of major correction. Leaves grow, leaves die, it happens but one or two here or there isn't a huge problem.
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    Thanks && I wasn't really sure how to finish training her also I had FIM her so I was letting that finish growing in it's done now so I guess I should finish training her.. Any tips on how should I just put another string or wire something pulling it down curving it.??
  5. Yes you can start training again but it would have been easier to keep with it. Careful not to break her by pulling too hard/far. I use miracle grow brand training wire and it seems to have a good strength ratio (cheap too) I bend it into a hook shape on the end I hook to the plant and then pull the wire not the plant to the desired position and then tie the loose end through one of the holes I have drilled at the top of my pots. This wire works well I find because your hook with unbend just before you get to the TOO FAR point with the plant. Also remember, however you tie her up, every branch will grow straight toward the light. I screwed up a chalace trained plant because I wasn't thinking about that.
  6. Leaves look kind of dark from the picture, maybe too much N. I'm seeing some white specks on the leaves, might be the pic, but if not you should check out what is causing them. 
  7. That's specs of paint from wen I spray painted my walls... && I'll definitely buy some wire..
  8. So this is Wat I done I think I had the right idea .. wat do yu think. .. I put up the before to show the difference, do Yu think I should tie down the other side...

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  9. What are you feeding it? Just curious, can't remember the last time I saw a yellow leaf during the veg phase.
    Have you checked your ph? I had a batch of Ocean Forest that drifted down to 5.5 once, never grew without lime again.
    It looks overwatered but overall it's pretty healthy, they bounce back quickly.
  10. I feed it the Flora Grow Series I upped the dose to 1tsp a each in 1gal I water.. I Did over water but only a little they'll dry out soon I had to make sure the water getting to the bottom

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  11. I guess the real question is. .... what do you want her to look like? Do you have a limit on height? I name my plants after grandmothers to remind me "have respect, but don't forget they are tough"
  13. I do they can't. get over 4 ft really..
  14. how many weeks in are you? are you planning on making a halo shape? if so you may as well trim off any leaves or branches that are going straight down cuz there will be pretty much worthless and just use extra energy from the plant that can be used elsewhere.
  15. How old is the plant?
  16. I'm 42 days in && Yes I do plan o making the halo shape so I guess I'll be pruning soon
  17. And your still in veg?
  18. Yep I have to wait for my Hps light to be delivered before I start flowering
  19. Okay just make sure you give about a week of healing before flower. Duct tape helps larger wounds
  20. Wat do Yu mean like just let her rest for a week before I put in to flowering like No LST?

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