I've over watered my seedlings......... Amnesia Haze and Blue Mystic grow

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  1. This is my first grow. I've got two Royal Queen Blue Mystics and two RQ Amnesia Haze plants currently at day 15 from seeds being planted to sprout.

    Set up:

    60x120x200cm Black orchid tent
    260watt quantum board with samsung chips
    4" systemair fan with rhino pro filter
    Honeywell turbo fan pointed away from the plants

    Two plants were growing like lunatics and the stalks were super stretching so I kept lowering my lights from 18" down to 10". The other two just grew much more slowly. No discoloration on the leaves is present however with the heat wave that hit the UK I was watering once a day as the top seemed dry and there was no runoff left in the trays for the little pots. But the leaves over the last two days started drooping and some of the perlite changed to a green or orange colour on some of the plants. After a google this is apparently algae growth due to the soil not getting enough of a chance to dry out.

    The plants have been left to dry out over the last day. It's just one of the Amnesia Haze plants, one of the initially super strong plants, that looks like a sad little tree. Super droopy leaves.

    So I took the plant out and moved away all the soil that would naturally drop off with little to no effort and re potted it in fresh medium. None of the leaves have a weird colour they just seem brittle. Although one has a hole in it, like a cut. When I checked the roots they all looked white with no weird smell or brown roots. A site said to cut and remove any dead or funky roots which wasn't necessary with what I observed. I also raised my lighting so that recovery might be a little bit more gentle.....

    Is there any hope for this plant? The others show being a little droopy but this is easily the worst. Can I help it out in anyway or is it just a case of wait and see? Of course I will poke a finger in an inch deep towards the outside of the little pot to gauge moisture. I gave the plant and top soil a very gentle misting of tap water........ perhaps that was unwise to do but googling isn't coming up with concrete answers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  2. Lift the plant. Is it really lightweight? Water. Is it heavy? Don’t water.
  3. The pot is pretty small and I am not experienced enough to gauge weight differences. Plus It's been re potted with some new soil/perlite so 60% of the older soil is gone.
  4. Over watered. Droopy leaves and puffy leaves. Remove the saucer. Better yet get a better pot with better drainage holes.
  5. Use more LITFA.

    Leave it the fuck alone.
    Stop messing with it's roots. .

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  6. I shall take your advice for sure, but as "blunt" as you've been (there's a double entendre in there somewhere!) I am guessing that there's at least hope!

    Tomorrow I shall check an inch down into the soil and perhaps consider a drop of water as I know that you can't let the roots completely dry out either. Unless you or someone else tells me to look out for another sign. I was trying to be careful in the first place, Scouts honour!
  7. [​IMG]

    I start in a 3x3x3 inch square planter cup. Square because it helps promote better root branching IME unlike round pots that tend to form a coiled ring at the bottom edge.

    I don't mess with the small plants until they are a foot tall or more and will slip out of the small cups with not a single root disturbed. Root damage always shows topside as wilting or drooping stress. My transplants never sag but explode with new growth within hours of touching more soil.

    Small pots and big plants dry fast and that lets me boost them faster then a small plant in a big pot. I've got just 10 weeks to go from a new cut clone to a fully vegged plant ready to flower so I need to put the push on them to stay on schedule.

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  8. Maybe this will help you understand watering.
    Water the plant. Lift it. That’s heavy.
    Let the plant do it’s growing until you lift the plant and it’s lighter, water it.
    You are going to drown them.
    I’m glad you added perlite. You were gonna kill them.
    Try to leave them alone for a minute.
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  9. how to tell the difference with over water and underwater..

    if its overwatered the leaves droop because they are heavy.. the stems holding the leaf will be pointing up with the leaves at the end fallen down

    if its underwatered the stems holding the leaves will be down as well as the leaf
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