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I've never toked before.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 000, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So, I've never toked before, but I've been reading alot about it, and it seems like a good idea. Most everyone here has had good experiences with pot, and I think it would be fun to try, but the only thing that stands in my way is the law. That pesky law.

    I figured I'd introduce myself here, rather than the intro thread, since nobody reads the intro thread.

    Hi grass city, I'm a new citizen.
  2. Welcome to Grasscity. If you have never smoed before, you must be curious about it. Go ahed and try it. Just dont do it in public. Use marijuana at your home. You will be fine.
  3. Welcome

    And if the pesky law bothers you, check out my sig;)
  4. First of all, Welcome!

    Second, If you want to toke, make friends with stoners. I probably have taken the weed virginity of A LOT of people.
  5. welcome to the city but you appear very sketchy. go smoke some herb to relieve that :smoke:
  6. welcome to GC I find that my unwritten law of living life to the fullest is way more important than the ones written down
  7. Hahah, thank you for the warm reception. I'm surprised at the legalization ballot, it's great that there are so many people out there supporting it.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to lighting up, I just need to find the time and space.
    iMarty, I think I'll do that... they aren't hard to spot on campus.

  8. Heh, yeah, but the cops don't care about unwritten laws cause unwritten laws don't pay their salary. :D
  9. welcome to gc lil ***** if ur gonnna try some ganj make sure you do it safely, NOT IN PUBLIC happy tokin bruh :smoking::hello::devious::):D:wave::hippie::gc_rocks::yay::metal::love:
  10. I'm sure if you told someone that you've never smoked before and that you want to smoke they would hook you up, maybe even let you chill with them during a session or something.

    Just use your head when you've got on you and everything will be fine.
  11. Nice sig haha, you'll fit right in!
  12. Yeah most stoners I know are generous people. If you say you've never smoked they'll invite you into a sesh and get you ripped :D

    Anyways, good luck with your first time
  13. Welcome to gc :) now go and smoke up:smoke:
  14. I'm planning to.


    My birthday is coming up soon, so I think I'll try and get something together that day, what with the good birthday vibes flowing through me.

    I'm off to bed, work tomorrow. Once I get off I'm going to go seek out some stoners. :ey:
  15. Nothing like toking on your birthday, have a good one man :smoke:
  16. mabbyy smoke before ur birthday because you probably wont get high your first time and then smoke again on your birthday so you can enjoy it =]

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