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I've never seen a black girl who is hot

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PassTheGrass, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I mean no offense in this thread, but I've just never seen a black girl who is attractive. They almost always have rockin bodies, but their faces are just, :eek: not good. Please someone prove me wrong. Just never seen one. :(

    Somebody, turn me over to the dark side.:cool:
  2. Lacey Duvalle is literally the only 'hot' black girl I've ever seen, and she's a porn star. Never seen one in real life.

  3. I'm mixed... so I don't think I count haha :p just look like a white girl with a tan. Totally know what you mean though, I've never seen a black guy I was attracted to.
  4. Ya I would have to agree not many out there have pretty faces. Being a girl... I have never seen a black guy I thought was attractive either.
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    RedMagic, that's what I mean. nice body, but look at her face.
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    Aaliyah R.I.P., a beautiful, sexy black woman

  8. PMd you a porno clip :p
  9. I've seen a lot of black girls i would consider hot. I've been with black girls i considered hot. It's all a matter of opinion.
  10. Do light skinned black girls count? :confused:
  11. Dude, im black and I dont find the brunt of black girls attractive either. Good bods but ugly faces. But she's hot to me though:
  12. Check out various King magazines then get back at me.
  13. I think it depends if you grew up around a lot of black people or not to be honest. You may not find the girls face in the first picture attractive, but I think she's damn sexy, but then again I grew up around black people and have dated 2 black girls.

    I think its something about being the complete opposite skin color of me that seems so wrong (even though its not. I'm not saying it is, i'm just saying thats what it seems like) that makes it very hot. I am a very white person. Not pale, but not dark. Depends on the lighting.
  14. Me neither man. I've some good body's on black girls. 19 years old and never seen a black girl and thought "omg she's gorgeous, I have to know this girl". So umm high five bro. And I don't think famous black girls should count.

  15. You present your opinion as if it's fact. It doesn't matter what race, sex, age, orientation whatever I am. Your ego offends me. There's no need to make this thread either. I'm pretty sure racism isn't allowed btw. (And yes it's racist saying a whole race is ugly so don't even try and justify, cuz I know you will so don't.)
  16. lolwut?

  17. I think what you find attractive might be based on what you're used to when you were growing up.
  18. That moment when I search "hot black girls self shot" for this thread and I get pictures of that Trayvon kid LMAO

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