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I've never had a sativa strain before

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JayKirkbride, May 9, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking for 3 years now and in those 3 years I've only ever smoked indicas.
    How high would I get from smoking a sativa? Would I be able to feel a difference in the high as I'm usually quite lazy when I'm stoned :p
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  2. Haha that sounds awesome! I always want a smoke before I do something, but it's never usually a good idea!
  3. My faves are sativas or sativa dominant hybrids. High as hell and energetic and creative. No couch lock. Not that I mind melting into the couch from time to time. Seriously love them for daytime highs and wake and bakes.

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  4. For me sativas are totally different. They go to my joints where I'm having pain and just nuke it. My brain turns inside out too, pondering the origins of the universe. Dr. Who is bitchin' on sativa.
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  5. I prefer satys over indys any day. I'm always on the go. I'm a really busy person but I like to be high it just works everything out
  6. On a good sativa you just might discover the meaning to the uncertainty principle or release a higgs boson from the quarks in your brain. I bet Carl Sagan loved him some sativa. Bob Marley had lambs breath and that is super danky sativa. Most right-brained creative thinker artist philosophy types will have epiphanies for days with that Sativa on deck.
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  7. I'm starting to appreciate the nudge a good sativa can give during the day. I smoke mostly late, so indicas are usually where I'm at, but if I find myself dragging, a little Sour D goes a long way.
  8. get some with thc-v in it like haze crosses...nebula and moby dick are white widow x haze and can make you happy buzz
  9. Sativa dominant strains are known to give you an uplifting, energetic high. I think of it as the polar opposite of indica. Though they are both very similar "cannabis highs" indica strains give you a more lazy, body high. Of course hybrids are a mix of the two giving you the best of both worlds : )
  10. Wow that sounds great then! I'm currently growing a sativa so I can't wait to try it! Thanks for all letting me know :D

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  11. Oh nice, I'm currently growing a sativa, it's 75% sativa and 25% indica! Does that make it a hybrid then? Would I get best of both worlds from it :p

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  12. That would definitely be a sativa dominant hybrid. Personally for myself sativas and indicas are quite similar but you should get a "mixed" high with the hint of indica : )

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