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Ive Never Greened Out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, May 23, 2013.

  1. Is it a bad thing ive greened out? I've smoked for 6 years on and off.. But constantly within the last 3 months... I always try to take the biggest hit i can im one of those guys that likes to go for milestones. But i haven't greened out. Is this a blessing?

  2. :confused_2:
  3. i dont see whats good about greening out...
    Well usually everyone greens out once. But i never have.  :metal:
  5. why the fuck would you want to? 
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    Well usually everyone greens out once. But i never have. :metal:

    I've never seen anyone pass out from bud. It's called self control.
  7. smoking isn't a competition...
    I like to smoke for the pleasure, and greening out isn't pleasureable :p
    know when to say when
    Yeah i never said i want too but i guess when i just smoke alone and have a good amount of bud i just take as big as hits as i can. :\\ I just thought its weird that ive never greened out.
  9. Never greened out either. I green out more w tobacco more than ganja
  10. I'll just take it as a good thing
    You've never seen anyone pass out from marijuana? You must not smoke with a lot of newbies then, and if you do, you must not give them enough.
    I've seen a lot of people green out, i've greened out, I don't anymore, but that's because of my tolerance and I don't try and set milestones anymore. I honestly don't see why anyone would WANT to green out, passing out ruins the whole high and you don't get to enjoy it, either that, or you act like an annoying idiot and no one wants to hang out with you cause you're ruining everyone else's high.
    It's not a blessing, lots of people do not green out.
  12. Me either, but I've always had a strong mind and body when it comes to drugs in general.
    Though I do find the only people who seem to"green out":
    A. Are newbies with a lack of common sense
    B. Are experienced towers who uncovered or slowly developed some underlying mental issue

    If you're neither of these that is probably why it hasn't happened haha
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    Lol, now that i've never seen.
  14. #14 kenny knatch, May 23, 2013
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    you're just lucky.
    one day i swear.
  15. i'm not sure what any of this means
  16. I've been known to be very lucky i think its the irish in me..
  17. shut the fuck up. Who cares if someone wants to or doesn't. I dont know if i ever greened out but the highest i got i was on a couch lost in my mind giggling and I didnt wanna move. Best time ever
  18. You're a Russian badger, not Irish....
    The 2% irish in me! close calls! im not totally lucky
  20. Lol I no toby gets me fuuuuuuuucked up! If I smoke a cigarette by the end I've got an awful awful head rush. Dizzy lightheaded. Hookah is worse!! Lol

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