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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by shortyottomatix, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Guys wtf is going on with my seedlings? I don't have a digital camera right now, but I'll do my best to describe this.

    My shit's curling on almost all of my seedlings. But it's not curling up or down, it's curling in on itself.

    I know that it's going to be hard to explain, especially without a picture but, imagine that the plant is in the center. Coming off the the East and west there are single bladed leaves coming out over the cotyledons (sp?). So it's like a horizontal line.

    Well instead of the leaves curling up into the light, or down to the soil, they're curling from the north and south......

    I just figured out how to describe it... It looks like I trying to roll a joint and the leaf is the paper. That's the way it's laid out and that's the way it's curling. It's looks like it's ready for the bud to be dropped in it.

    Ok, I hope that's understandable, but it might not be. If it is..... Wtf is that? I'm thinking heat stress/lack of ventalation or possibley lack of humidity. Anybody got any kind of guess at it?

    Thanks in advance to any body that can help.
  2. i'll guess at humidity, maybe too dry, and the leaves are curling, the probably need moisture, when a plant is that young, it's developing it's root system, so it's not getting as much moisture from there.............possibly heat, check your temp too........i like to spray them when they're young to take the water in through the leaves.........Peace out.........Sid

    but generally when a leaf curles at the sides, it's protecting itself from heat, or drying out.........the aboves really if your temp is o.k.
  3. Damn!

    Thanks for the info sid.... That was what I was hoping against.

    I'm going to switch to 18/6 instead of 24/0 and try a little light misting. If that doesn't work, I guess I'm going to get a window ac unit...... damn, that'll have to weight untill next pay check.

    I guess if heat is this outta control, hitting them with a little co2 isn't going to help at this point? (I've got the 20 pound tank and the regulator)..... fuck

    Thanks for the info though man. I really appericate it. :D
  4. add some water to the room, to raise the humidity, as for the co2, what's the room size?.......with a good co2 supply and regulator, you could run to about 90 ambiant temp.........some have rooms at 95, with enough co2, and it's still being argued over what temps best for co2 absorbsion, some say about 90-95, and some say 80-90............what's your temps like?...........Peace out.........Sid

    ps, plus it'll get a lot more resiliant once helped through the young stage, so the misting's still a good idea......
  5. I'm trying misting. But man right now, I don't have the funds to really do anything to "fix" this problems.

    I have financial commitments that I can't miss, can't talk about them but I can't miss them either. And I really don't have the cash to get my tank filled up, or to get a window ac.

    I would say my room was in the 90's, and I'm growing in a spare back room. And not using anywhere near the whole room.

    Anyways my temporary fix to the problem is a really cheap crappy one but I think it's working pretty well so far. I have 10 seedlings. I threw 1 under a 26 watt cfl. I through 4 underneath a 4' 80 watt cool white floro fixture, I put another one under a 26 watt cfl, and I put the last 4 underneath another 4' 80 watt cool white floro fixture. That took me down to 212watts from 600. I think this will significantly lower the temps for now.
  6. one of my plants was doing this. It was turning yellow and the leaves were not curling...but rather "folding" right up the middle...upwards.

    I just repotted in new soil. I had bought cheap walmart stuff that had fast time release and slow time release nutrients in them.

    I have now switched to a much better quality of potting soil that has no wood chips or chunks in it, none of the fast or slow release nutes, and is mixed with coconut fiber and peat moss to increase water retention.

    Possibly try transplanting into a different soil medium.

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