I've Never Coughed From Weed, Why Not?

Discussion in 'General' started by MrGoatington, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. First of all, I would post this in the Smoking and Usage section in the apprentice forum but for some reason it won't let me, so I guess I'll post it here.

    I hear about people coughing all the time from smoking weed, like from taking big hits and stuff but I've never ever personally needed to cough from smoking. This is after smoking every day for 3-4 months and taking huge hits from water bongs and gravity bongs and such, like hits so big I nearly throw up.

    My best friend takes one small hit from a bong without even clearing it and he busts out coughing bad. I don't understand this.

    Do I have super lungs or something? :D

    Even in the beginning when I first started smoking I never felt the urge to cough. My parents used to smoke cigarettes around me, she quit smoking over a year ago though, not sure if that could have made my lungs more used to it or something.

    I can take a massive hit, like too much to handle and all I'll do is close my eyes really hard and try not to throw up and then blow it out. Never once in my whole history of smoking have I felt like coughing.
  2. All the cilia in your lungs are probably dead

    Lol jk I have no clue. CHERISH YOUR GIFT
  3. not cheefing har enough
  4. You arent takin as big of hits as you think my friend....

  5. I most definitely am taking huge hits, I think when you run out of lung space the hit is pretty big.
  6. so OP... wtf is your point?

  7. The point, aka the question, is right in the title. Why don't I cough from smoking, I'm not trying to brag about taking big hits or anything I'm just giving some detail on the situation.
  8. I guess it's a lung tolerance. I have a high lung tolerance, i.e. I barely cough. I used to, but I have controlled my lungs enough to not cough. :D

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