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I've never been so pissed off in my life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by akforty7s, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. **The original post has been edited..Sorry for the angry post.. I was really pissed off.

    Basically I got a lot of shit taken away by the po-po's and almost arrested.. go to next page for full story..

    800.00 in glass taken =\

    Go kill a cop it'll make you feel better

    Good fuckin luck man..:mad:
  3. Hey,

    Man, chill the fuck out. We know your pissed, and youve got a right to be. But explain, how it all happened. Maybe the cop fucked up and you can get the shit dropped. So let us know how it all happened, and maybe some of us could help ya out. Peace.

  4. Wow.. That anger is easily justified. A spot of tea always seems to calm me down and cheer me up. But it sounds like you need some fire whiskey to me. I guess all you can do is stay clean for a while and save some cash. My condolences.. :(
  5. Man I really hope I live long enough to see this horseshit come to an end.

    good luck...we all feel this crap whenever we read of misfortune.

    this shit just shouldnt continue to happen...it makes no sence.

    while this "tough guy " was taking your shit, somewhere a person needed a cop. Maybe even needed to be saved by a cop...

    these guys got better things to do..
  6. Yeah i somewhat feel ya man i just got my fav pipe taken away by the po po's yesterday it sucks so bad and now i have to get a social worker and shit and im gonna be fined and on probation im so FUcking pissed you have no idea
  7. By the way Fuck the Police
  8. yep, we all take it personal when this happens.. i hate when this bullshit happens
  9. Hey,

    Yes we do and should as stoners take it personal when another gets fucked in the ass by the system. When we're sitting behind those metal bars, we think to ourselves "I'm in jail because I thought it would be okay to smoke...a fucking HARMLESS PLANT!!" Probation should be for wife beaters, child abusers. NOT STONERS! Its bullshit, and we all agree, and something NEEDS to be done, however, it will not. As long as our gov't has its views distorted like it is, I don't see a change ever to come. As long as the gov't puts marijuana before Methamphetamine, and all other crime, I don't see any REAL change to come from the head honcho's in this "free" country. Peace, and toke up. Tell the authorities to fuck off with every bud you burn!

  10. Yep.. and then people argue "ITS NOT A HARMLESS PLANT"

    Think about it.. what other plant can you grow, without ANY chemicals.. just in the dirt and smoke?

    Tobacco has tons of added chemicals and processes, you cant just grow a tobacco plant and smoke it
  11. A stoner needs to become president.
  12. Heh. Every president in the last [insert two-digit number here] years has admitted to using marijuana. They all know it's harmless.

    But anyway AK, that's bullshit. That was an awesome fucking RooR, at least from the pics, you had that thing completely tricked out.

    Sounds like you were in your car though. Sucks that you had all your stuff there, I only carry papers on the road for that reason.

    Every cop I know (old friends parents) was a pig-headed grade A asshole, both on and off the job. Don't give cops the time of day as far as I'm concerned.
  13. FUCK AUTHORITY! I just got busted by the cops too and was sentenced to a 6 month drug class!!!!! and a restricted license. If this is your first offense you will most liekly be getting a 3 month drug class. BULLLSHIT
  14. im sorry to hear ak...i loved that bong and the other pieces. Thats how my bong and bowl got taken away..had them in the car. Only had them for a week, too. fuck the popo. peace
  15. I know it's total bullshit and I really feel for you.

    That being said, everyone in the US who smokes weed takes the same risk every time they toke up or basically do anything involving weed. As long as we have these laws, we have to find a way around them. And it's all about not getting carried away and planning ahead. For example, in my car, I spent a Saturday making 4 places to hide shit in, where a cop would never look (and in 3 cases would need a screw driver to get to). Also, I drilled quarter-sized hole for dropping shit out of if necessary.

    So my advice (not that you asked, but I'm here to help :)) is:
    1. Be cool in court. You're the court's bitch now. Accept that and you'll be better off than if you try to be a MJ hero, or go in there all pissed off. Tell them you want to change, etc. etc. Think of it as acting class rather than court or rehab.
    2. Spend some quality time with your car. Find screws, unscrew them, look for places to his your stuff. Behind the door handle, around speakers, the inside of the doors, etc.
    3. Never carry more weed than you can hide and/or eat in under 10 seconds.
    4. If you have anything on you, follow every single traffic law. Illegally tinted windows? Take it off. Expired tags? Get 'em renewed before you carry anything in your car. And ALWAYS check your lights if you're driving at night, to make sure none are burned out.
    5. Make a seperate compartment for pipes/gear. Mine is where the spare tire was, and you need a square screw-driver to get to it.

    But whatever you do, please don't blame the cops. Their just doing their job. If cops decided, based on their own opinions, which laws to enforce, this country would be up shit creek.

    Good luck man-

  16. Now this is a respectable person! EolGul, I like the way you speak. I keep saying the same thing, everybody screams from the rooftops "fuck the police" until something serious happens. My boy was choked up and had a gun put to his head, he was robbed by people he knew. Guess what he did, he called the police. Cops are there for protection, and as much as it sucks, they are required to do their job. I can't stand the fact that cops arrest people for bud, it sucks, but the law requires them to. I have two family members and a friend who are police officers, and all three of them are down to earth beautiful people. My friend is NYPD and patrols the East NY section of Brooklyn. When I was 19-20 he used to buy me beer, he used to drink with me, a cool guy.
  17. I learnd the basic difference between a Police officer and a PIG from many years of knowing both types...

    a Police officer puts on the uniform an accepts the authority. For the peoples protection an to uphold the laws of the community....this is the person that will give their life to protect a stranger...without strings or praise.

    A PIG....is a person that became a police officer only to be an asshole without recourse....the uniform means nothing to this person accept.....I can kick the shit outta anyone I want....or I can ruin anyone I want....because it makes me feel powerful...these people USE the written law only asa tool to project their own agenda.....which is to never grow out of the Bully mentality they learned before kindergarten and have built their ego around....giving their life for another....dont count on it...unless it makes them a hero....in the papers....that in their mind would somehow absolve a lifetime of being a prick with a uniform...

    two sides to everything....good an evil...black an white....cops an pigs...
  18. true.....vote for ralph nader fellow stoners!!!!!lol:smoke:
  19. Damn guys.. I really wish this shit was a bad dream.
    Ive been lost for words all day. Barely got sleep last night.

    Excuse my spelling and grammar, im stoned, tired and pissed off.

    I seriously cannot believe my roor is gone. I was in love with that bong. It seriously was the perfect hit of weed. Rumors were spread about it around my town and to hit it was a privledge I gave to people.

    Well... I am contemplating explaining the whole story... Pretty embarsing why this happend.
    It all basically happend because I am a way too lazy and smoke way to much weed. I've been procrastinating putting that little bitch ass colored sticker that goes in the corner of your license plate. My car is 100% registered, I just never threw the new 2006 sticker on the plate. Its been sitting in my room for a while.
    Laugh now, its probally the dumbest thing I could have done.. I know this.

    So anyways last night I decided to have a good session out of my bong cause I havent had one in a while. So I packed it up and went to bring it over my friends house. On the way there.. BAM, blue lights.... Cop asked me about me not having the sticker on my plate, blah blah. Gave me a warning for sticker, and $35 ticket for no front plate.. So that sucked, but I got lucky. (Again, all things that were my fault and that could have been avoided)
    After this I just go to my friends house and continue to have a session. I stay at his house for a few hours.. was a good time.
    Anyways.. Now time to leave. I start headin home and within a few minutes... BAM blues again. I am pretty pissed off at this point. [Here comes the long ass story]

    The cop comes up to passanger side window, and I have a friend in the car. He asks why I think he pulled me over. I say "because I was speeding?" "No, because your sticker is wrong." So I started to tell him how I just got pulled over a couple of hours ago and I was going home and dropping off my car, so this wouldnt happen. He asks to see the ticket the cop gave me earlier. I put the ticket in the middle console underneath the radio, and when I reached for it, I realized I was fucked right there...
    I left a little gram size "alien-face" baggy in there from a longggggg time ago. (Again shows how stupid I am for leaving it in the car).
    so the cop asks what it is. I was heavily stoned and was pretty clueless what to say. It literally looks like a bag the E comes in. I stupidly said it was a bag for tabacco. He immediatley told me to get out of the car and go to the front. He put my hands on my head and searched me. I had nothing on me. He then proceeded (without saying one word), to search my car, starting by where I was sitting. Bam.. he finds my 300 dollar heady bub, that I brought over to show my friend. Right as he finds that he says something under his breathe to show that he is all pissed off. He then goes around and tells my friend to get outta the car. With his hands on his head, he asks if he has anything on him. for some reason my friend says no, and the cop finds a gram of hash. He gets cuffed and thrown in the cruiser.

    At this point I am in total shock of whats going on, and I felt like I was gonna puke cause I knew it was the last night I was ever going to see my bong. the cop doin all this BS (there was a few cops there) came up to my face talking lots of shit asking what else is in the car. At this point, he has found my bubbler, hash on my friend, and lots of blunt wraps and shit I had next to the bub. I knew they were eventually going to find the rest. I fessed up and was just like "Yea sir, I have some weed and a bong in the back seat of my car. That is all you will find." He seem'ed thrilled and said "allright, good." (I know what some of you are gonna say and I dont care.. I did the right thing about tellin him.. He was gonna find the shit.)

    so he takes out my bong. I had my weed in a backpack with the bong.
    instantally a mob of cops form around it looking like the apes on Space Oddesy 2001. They didnt know what the fuck they were looking at. They found a few of my diffuser's and just kept asking me questions about it.
    "Is this how you smoke the hash?"
    "What is this peice?"
    "what does this do"
    "what is an ashcatcher"

    They were all laughing there balls off trying to piss me off... They knew how expensive this stuff must be, and they were so proud of themselves. I heard one officer on the phone talking to someone saying "Yeah, this stuffs right outta the headshops"... or some dumb crap like that..

    Another cop comes over asking me about the little baggy , and starts sayin some bullshit about it looks like a herion bag or some shit. I just told him dont even start saying that shit.. I dont do that crap.
    Seemed like he believed me.

    then all of a sudden after it was all said and done... the cop that was being the dick the entire time laughing and talking shit, told me to get back in the car.. and says..

    "Your not getting arrested, your getting a sumons to court in the mail. You were honest with us about your stuff." ::walks away::
    I then sat there for about 2-3 minutes with all the cops talking to my friend. It was the creapiest silence I have ever gone through. I could hear a cricket a mile away. It felt like I was waiting for 2 hours.

    Randomly my friend hops in the car.. He got un-cuffed and instructed to go back to my car,

    he says
    "wow... lets bounce."

    im like
    "what the fuck you talkin about man, he didnt say leave to me....

    ...Should I leave?"

    "Yea man the cop told me to get the fuck outta here!!!"

    "Wtf is going on?"

    ....we were both very confused

    all of a sudden I hear a scream from the back saying "your all set you'll get something in the mail.. get the fuck outta here"...

    so that was it,..
    And I drove off.

    I dont really understand the ending to what happend. Im crossing my fingers that maybe somehow the cops just wont send the summons. Maybe they realized how much money they took off the streets in bongs and shit..

    who knows....
    all this was my fault. From the sticker, to the baggy, to having the shit in my car.. all my fault.

    I understand what the cops did and I dont hold it against them. I understand it was just there job. I was just really heated last night. I lost a lot of money. Im angry that I live in a world where people get in trouble for stuff like this. Some things just arent right in life...

    Im so misrable right now
    thx for the comments

  20. Man, I feel for you, thats so so shitty. Little mistakes like that can fuck you up, as you now know. Things could be worse (as always) but hopefully you get off minus some bomb ass glass. Once you get in trouble with the law your fucked, its out of your control, get yourself a good lawyer and hopefully everything goes well. Keep your head up man, it may be shitty but its not the end. I know how you feel I have some legal shit hanging over me right now too and its not fun...

    - Next bowl dedicated to you, peace

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