I've never been grossed out by anything in my life

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  1. But today at work they called me over for a patient assist. I got to the unit and there was an 80 year old bottom naked woman that had to get a catheter in her pee hole. I had to hold her legs open while they slid the tube up the hole. That didn't gross me out, it the was horrible smell emitting from her vagina. It smelled like rotten spaghetti mixed with old meat and expired milk all in one.
  2. she probably has an untreated yeast infection, poor thing
  3. Your cool with 2 girls one cup?
    Blue waffle?
    Fear factor eating competitions?
  4. Grosssss not cool
  5. nasty bro.. old moldy, smelly, vagina

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  6. wow I really didn't need to know that.. I know I know its my own fault but still :laughing:
  7. Damn thats fucking gross. I smelt that shit just from reading about it!
  8. Next time, put on a gas mask and bring fire hose.
  9. she prolly needed some good lovin. you shoulda done ur duty and tickled her gspot.
  10. None of that shit even phases me

    I sat through BME pain Olympics while eating pizza hut.
  11. It was really hard and tricky at first, but I finally found a way to masturbate to this.
  12. you poor man

  13. you said really hard, teehee.
  14. Would stick your face in fire if I told you the devil was there?

    I guess I got burned.

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