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ive missed you..........all

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. it seems like forever since ive had a moment to myself. i have kicked 37 children out of my home so i can use my computer privately..."whats grasscity"...go home yu little punks and look it up , im sure your dads are on here somewhere, just leave me alone for an hour. and if i feed you 3 meals everyday im going to claim you on my income tax! "now go tell that to your dad" ok someones got a little pms,hhhm. but damn all summer long.
    soooo ive....
    spent alot of time relaxin, yea right.
    did you know you can tear down a swingset that took 8 hours to build in about 20 minutes with a hack saw and sledge that was theraputic
    so was throwing the pieces in the drivaway for someone else to deal with. hhhm i asked him to take it down months ago. did a nice job if i do say so myself.
    kinda a bad year for anyone who tried to grow flowers' outside....too much rain, too much flooding and no sun. that kinda sucks. glad it wernt me :) never was any good with posies anyhow. that sucks too. and oooh so pricy i hate being all growed up.
    i stopped biting my fingernails :D yea! whoohoo
    uh, sorry unoit smoking smoking smoking more than ever. next huge task.
    btw brothea...beautiful sunsets,,,i hate you ....joke
    fishing? whats fishing. sigh
    did quite alot of, fun...the boys like to take me (they let the cat out of the bag, and said its cause they like to eat!) now that aint right!
  2. dont remember, you... prolly cause im new, but glad your back, hope i dont piss you off too much!!
  3. hiya higha! well it seems like you got a sense of humor to go along with all that mess! had me lol at the swingset ordeal! :) and im so proud of yea, stopped biting your fingernails eh? you are a better gal than I! though all that, I think I would be down to my knuckles by now!! good to see you back around :)
  4. Ahhh, it's the Lil' Indian Dude!!!! :)

    Good to see you back. You've been missed!!! You know that, though.

    If we were bad while you were gone...we are very sorry for anything that Bud Head did! :D
  5. nice to see ya back 'whata. and it wasn't budhead. it was critter :D

    edit: dang, whilst i was writing my post, critter cut ahead of me. see my point. it's all critters fault :)
  6. I dig looking at your avatar, makes me happy. :D
  7. higha ;) ( I was gonna say Hiya Higha, but sensi already did ;P)

    I missed ya!

    n yea, I say ya blame it on critter :p

  8. lol. coz' he looks skewed or miserable :) for the full picture goto:

    anyway's i always like looking at sensi's avatar, but then i'm a dirty ol' pig, hehe

  9. no hard feelings :D
    sometimes i dont remember myself didnt piss me off .........

    thanks sensi on the nails, its been an on and on and on going thing for years. ( gotta be a little carefull when yer playin down there if ya know what i mean, muhahaha)

    n jilly i missed you too. my friends away from crazy realworld friends.
    so critter and bud been up to no good eh?....figures
    home, home,home
    n yes im tappin my red shoes. :D

  10. Well I,m sorry for running you away from the city... I hope you will forgive me for pissing you offff...

    Welcome back babe.. Glad to see you come around again!
  11. bud,bud,bud.......boy???? what have you done that i havent had the time to find out yet? hhhhmm?
    ya didnt chase me away
    it was all the little peoples that live and visit my house that did...........


  12. I know I'm guilty....... Of what I do not know!!!!! lol

    I'm glad to see you though... I miss the tells of fish and christmas lights with a little flooding of the yard!!!!!!

  13. ill let you know when i find out what youve done son :D

    an im glad you missed me

    i came back today casue of an old song i heard this afternoon.....reminded me of a few of you, somthing like,....if i leave here tomorrow would you still remember made me think,
    sometimes, some people are hard to forget.

  14. woohooo!

    idk if this will come as a suprise to you or not higha, but i missed ya too. yer a base cornerstone of the city.

    It's like a big summer reunion here at the city. zonedude is back too! as are many others who've been away for much less time.

    and same with what cs shoota said.....
    "hope i dont piss you off too much!!"


    i'd offer my sympathy on the pms, but what's sympathy really worth without understanding.

    and... dont let them pesky kids take you away from da city again. we luv ya too much. :)
  15. you do amaze me, not the fist time i said that

    and i also appreciate your understanding of pms .... and the fact that you see through my maginicent spellin :D

    as for the children, starts soon

  16. Higha! hiya, welcome back, we missed ya!

  17. Glad you made it back!!
    I know exactly how you feel. Either the boys are never home or when they are, they bring home 5-6 with them!!!
    Hope you've had a good summer so far and I'm sure you are as anxious for school as I am!!
    Get yer butt back here ASAP! Now we all just need to concentrate hard on the Okie.........
  18. glad to see you again, I hope I get to be back here soon myself. I got a new car this summer, maybe I'll take you for a spin sometime.
  19. sounds like a your family into the extreme joys of blueskys,corn,cows, and more corn. and come for a few days. that goes for all of you. ill put ya'll up im quite lonley :)
    laugh,..begging for friends

    ok..... what kind of car?

  20. p.s stonie concentrate reallly hard on okie...K?

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