Ive lost my shame

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  1. Hey everyone. I hope your spliffs feel good [​IMG] I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts that I've had lately. I study in the UK even though Im not British, and I live alone [​IMG] My parents live in an other country and I can tell you its not that good to be alone. Yes I have friends, but that's not the same.
    \nLately I've realized that I've basically lost my shame. When I smoke, I don't think about how bad it is for my health, what would my parents think of me if they saw me like that, etc... I just smoke and go on with my business, however last year this time I was depressed as fuck. I do work in Uni and I keep up easily but the amount of money and time I've spent smoking can be ridiculous to some people. I would say that in the previous month I've smoked at least 3 packs of king rizzlas and spent probably more than 1000 pounds...
    \nWhat to do now, I dont know. I wont be able to tell my parents EVER and no one will know that i Smoke except my friends, even tho they smoke as well. It is insanely hard to give up on smoking since im surrounded by it and notably I was the one who drew other friends into it. Dont get me wrong, many of my friends are more than capable to smoke as well as work and study, but it would be great if we just gave up. Easy to say, hard to do, too much pleasure going away.

  2. good luck

    only you can answer that
    is your post about marijuana or cigarettes? 
  4. Hopefully marijuana, otherwise he has bigger problems, not least of all would be a case of misplaced priorities.

    OP, take a look at the real reasons behind why you smoke. Then look at why you want to quit. Don't bullshit the answers. Without knowing anything about your story, it sounds to me like weed is a crutch for you. Perhaps even an addiction. I'd be willing to bet that if you took a break from it and really addressed the other things going on in your life, you could pick this hobby back up and feel much more at ease with your actions and activities.
  5. Oh no, This guy smokes Marijuana cigarettes!

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  6. yes guys Im talking about weed...
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    You obviously think it's too much money spent on it, so look at why you spend that much. Find the source and confront it.

    Don't blame marijuana, your parents absence or anything else, it's you that is the problem. Take accountability
  8. What's the problem if you start growing??Also if your smoking out your friends,don't.
    In that case, take a break from smoking if you feel like it's doing more harm than good on your health, stop smoking altogether and vape if you're really concerned about the health of your lungs. Please note though that I can find you numerous studies that show you that the chemical compounds in marijuana smoke actually inhibit cancerous cell growth within the lungs. 
    On the money side of things, if you feel like you're spending too much money on weed then it's really quite simple, stop buying so much/smoking through so much cannabis. Have some self control. 
    The whole "I have no shame because I don't care if my parents find out I smoke" thing though is such bullshit. Why should you care if your parents know you smoke, you know they drink alcohol don't you? I mean, jeez - why have such a stigma against marijuana when you partake in smoking it; alcohol is far more damaging than marijuana. 
  10. Shame in the consumption of Cannabis?  Preposterous!
  11. first of all, I didnt say that I dont care. On contrary, I care a lot, and my parents dont drink trust me, they drink occasionally on birthdays etc.   Secondly it is a big deal to smoke weed, it is a drug and even if it was legal it gives you pleasure that is not "natural" therefore it is bad, and no one will be able to make them think otherwise. Secondly, the money is not a problem. I can keep buying its not about that at all. I just want to hear other peoples thoughts, thats all.
  12. What country are you from??

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  13. Lame post is lame. You're probably gonna hear a lot of negative thoughts on this...
    You should be talking about the tobacco. That is much worse for your health then weed will ever be. :smoke:
  15. Depression causes irrational thinking and shame has cultural origins. Deal with the depression and embrace other cultures. Find your true self and step up or down? The fact that your on your own gives you the greatest opportunity to do this. Grow and stop cultivating your own paranoia.(Weed will do that, if you let it.)
  16. "Pleasure that is not natural therefore it is bad"
    Explain how this makes sense??
  17. AND YOUR POINT IS........?????
  18. Wha...I'm on probation and can't smoke and meanwhile you bullshittin U_U
  19. I just wrote what i thought at that time. Yes my
    Parents are 50 and they are not of european thinking when u can smoke with ur kids. Furthermore, if u smoke with ur kids then ur dum and thats my opinion, because you are giving an example. Knowingly not doing anything is also fucked up... Thanks everyone for your support i appriciate. To the rest, have a nice day regardless .

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