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I've lost it!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Has any one here seen it?

    If ya find it, will you send it back to me!

  2. Damn, man, sorry. I didn't know it was yours. I think it's in lost and found,now. I bet critter found it there and kept it. Someone would have had to because that's where I left it!!!!
  3. damn! I JUST saw it go by!..I was selling my ice cream on the street corner and I thought I saw it, but I thought to myself "nahh..couldn't be..Bud Head's got it.." but now that I learn you've lost it, I swear it was it!..
  4. there it is!!!!! wasnt it....OWW FUCK...i think i found wasnt it either.......NO REALLY..ITS OVER THERE...GO LOOK..I PROMISE!
  5. I doubt it's there, Norm. You know how NuBBiN is-he probably has it and is orchastrating some big plan to hold it hostage for whatever it is he wants at the particular moment.
  6. actually his hog tied midget prolly has it..and nubbin just cant get it back from him..and doesnt want to fess up that a hogtied midge is stronger than he is


  7. Hahahaha---!!!!!!! Has the little hog tied midget gotten the best of of our NuBBiN?????

    Hehe---RuBBiN NuBBiN!!!!!!! NuBBiN RuBBiN NuBBiN!!!!!!!

    The things you find amusing when your high. Of course, thank god I have no visual. My high would be gone!!!!!!!!!!!! All I see when I think of NuBBiN is the Ice Cream Man and if he's RuBBiN NuBBiN, I don't wanna know about it!!!!!!!!

    *runs quickly down to basement........*


    *slow, sad footsteps stomping back upstairs...*

    Well guys...I have some bad news about the midget....

    If only I had known leather would shrink that fast during a heatwave...well.....good thing nobody knows about this little goes on
  9. all is not lost....umm.....yeah, ok..maybe it is....hes lost it, nubs lost the midget, ive lost my high....santa isnt real, spleen is all eaten...what is my world coming to.....*sob*
  10. its coming to nothing...full circle...any day now you should suddenly burst into a giant ball of light and float off to a distant galaxcy where all the other enlightened ones go when their time here is will be sorely missed... your name namron..because...its NORMAN..backwards? god man!..I GET IT!..I GET IT! YOUR NAME IS NORMAN!...wait a second! does that work with everyones name!?!?....



    AND THE GRAND FINALE!...SUPERJOINT'S REAL NAME IS!...IS!...oh..well... I cant spoil all the fun!
  11. how much is this intergalactic bus ride gonna cost me..or do i have to whore myself to the driver?
  12. nonononono! you arent legaly allowed to go to this new galaxy! have to be smuggled in!...your put into a balloon the size of our moon along with all other balls of light...then the giant intergalactic space cowboy shoves the balloon up his astral anus and slips by the galactic customs....

    speaking of things spelt backwards equaling their real meaning....I have a few more...

    murder for a jar of red rum

    madam Im adam

    Neapoleon once said "Able was I ere I saw Elba!"

    Teddy Roosevelt can be described as "A man, A plan, A canal, Panama!"

    Doc, note: I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod!
  13. mom


    race car

    lion oil
  14. radar..RADAR!!!!!!!!
  15. namron norman

  16. UMM.....I gave it to the dog....not to sure if he will give it back...he kinda likes

  17. I've seen replies loose sight of the post before but FUCK this one took a wrong turn at the circle!!!!!

    Who found it? I need it back real bad!!!!!! I'll pay a ransom for it!! Might even be worth a 1,000.00 dollars to the person who gets it back to me!
  18. uhmmm....
    Bud Head.... You've been sitting there with it in your hand THIS ENTIRE TIME!

  19. Does that mean i smoked a little too much? Maybe STML has gone a little further?

    What are you talking about anyway?????

  20. I....


    I FORGET!!!!

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