I've learned a lesson

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bkadoctaj, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. I've been edified.

    One thing the world could use a lot more of is forgiveness and understanding.

    That's my next thing to work on.

    To those I've hurt, I'm sorry. I don't expect the forgiveness I've been given - you usually aren't thinking of being forgiven when you try to hurt someone back when a nerve is tweaked and you think you need someone to blame.

    People all have their own ways they've come to for whatever reason.

    One thing I do know is that it's possible to understand even the most bothersome of things in this world - because there is an underlying unity that binds us all as we find ourselves together.

    "Riders on the storm
    Riders on the storm
    Into this house were born
    Into this world were thrown
    Like a dog without a bone
    An actor out alone
    Riders on the storm"

    Sometimes we think it convenient to put aside our values in an attempt to preach to others - but those who think they know so much, and those who think they are so clever, tend to be overconfident and underperforming. Just another excuse to bring our insides out.

    I have to be thankful for the chances I've been given, and the ears who have been there to listen. Sometimes love comes in strange forms, but it is always there to be found. The best place I've found to look is within.

    It would be a shame to be a real schizophreniac - to dualize one's own world into something wholly unrecognizable from either extreme. Deep minds are a blessing in this world, but one thing we all can offer one another is patience. When I say "we" hear, I'm mostly talking to myself. Grasscity has become the journal of my journey, at least through this stage of my life.

    Thank you to those who have been more patient with me than you have had to be. Thank you for your forgiveness.

    I've been edified.
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