I've just recently started back toking after years!

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  1. Title, blah blah. I'm new to this, and you can say I'm new to smoking. I haven't smoked in about 4 - 5 years I say. I decided hey..I'm in college nothing to do. I might as well start back, and here is how it went....

    I was preparing for thing. I bought a brand new bong, days before hand. Dying to use it, I took about 5-7 hits. And omg, my mind exploded. First Me and a few friends sat in the car for 4 hours, ( it was actually only 10 minutes, lmao ). I became attached to this app I had call Kill Your Boss. Then I got the shivers, did the harlem shake for a while, before we decided to get out of the car. My mind was still running on 100.

    A friend of mine had asked me to take him home, at first I was hesistant but then I was like whatever I can drive okay while drunk, surely driving while high will be easy. Yeah, it was quite the experience. a 5 min. drive never seemed so long and adventurous!

    After dropping him off I made my way back home, because the munchies were setting in and i had to be on my way for work in about 4 hours. I warmed me up a few mini cinnamon rolls. After inhaling those, I needed more. I found some meatloaf too. So there I was, in my living room, eating Cinnamon Rolls, Meatloaf, and Sour Cream chips, watching tv...well movie credits.

    Eventually, I decide to watch some cartoons. The cartoon Regular Show, on Cartoon Network, was declared the best thing on tv that night. I could not stop laughing. And everything made sense, this clearly shouldnt be a children's show. The main characters are basically two stoners, but watevs...im not PBS.

    After several hours of failed attempts to sleep I finally passed out around 8 ( I have to leave my house around 10 ). Woke up....I WAS STILL HIGH at 9:50 ( I smoked at 4:40)..got dressed...which took forever. I left a little late for work, but it was funny because I made it there a little early than usually.. idk. But on the way there, I added up all my income, subtracted what I had to pay this month in bills, then subtracted the money I'd use in gas going to work and school, then what I would spend on food, and what I would spend on other things, and came of with how much luxury money I would have in total this month and how much of that I could spend on weed. And I suck at math, I was always good at English..never been able to do math problems as this sort in my head...but I felt like a professor that night.

    At work I always sneak in music, while working the song Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 came on...I never really cared for it before, but the high me was in love with it. Everythnig about the song was amazing...I started picturing myself walking down the road in new york with this song being my theme song..idk, what I was thinking. It was like a cross between Freinds and the Wayan Bros.... lmao. Anywho...work was a experience..but I noticed I was more proficient with more work while stoned.

    ....then I started tripping... I imagine a coworker with rmulti-color flashing eyes...shooting rainbows out his mouth. Things were becoming a music video...or a musical. I kept having this feeling that random objects were about to come alive and start dancing..wow..

    Needless to say, my high did not completely feel like it had gone away til around 4:30 - 5:00 am. But I enjoyed every minute of it. But, I've always had a low tolerance even when I smoked daily..what lasted my friends a high or 2 lasted me like 4. I've stayed high for a couple days before after a night of partying. It okay..it feels as tho I'm out of body tho..but showers feel amazing. :smoking:
  2. I'm glad you enjoyed smoking weed again

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