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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Chilly, May 17, 2010.

  1. That a ploitical section on a weed forum is like talking about proper dildo production at a womens insitute meeting.

    They might use them, they might even enjoy them. But that havent got a fucking clue how to make plastics and rubber...


    SO why on earth dont people use this forum to discuss WEED POLITICS - and in particicual - what you are doing to bring the weed laws more in line with todays mass weed market?

  2. I don't know about that. There are some smart motherfuckers in the politics section. Stick around for a while, you'll see.

    Most likely the reason legalization isn't discussed that often in politics is simple: it's something we ALL AGREE ON! haha!

    Also, I think it's one of those things that there's not really much we can do. The vilification of drugs in America has endured more than we can throw at it. Alcohol prohibition only lased a few years before it was overwhelmed. Cannabis prohibition has lasted DECADES!. What signs do we have that things will be different in our lifetime? Was anyone in this forum ALIVE in a time where weed was legal in the U.S.? Exactly.
  3. There's another board above the politics sections specifically devoted to legalization and activism. And as Lionel said, debating weed legalization here is like preaching to the choir, except for one or two numb skulls that smoke weed but still think man made laws are gawd.

  4. You'd be surprised the number of Americans who volunteer in political campaigns every election cycle in some capacity. Politics is not like engineering, it is something that all people can participate in, and should participate in.

    Not all people should be participating in engineering airplanes. You want aerospace engineers for that.
  5. QFT

    I was very surprised by how politically active people can be when I was doing the Ron Paul 2008 thing. Shocked really, as before that I never really paid too much attention other then to be pissed off at the way things were going.

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