i've just had the worst week...

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    (haven't been on in a while, figured i'd briefly share watsup)
    within the worst month...

    within the worst year...


    ...but i just got hired for a job and think i've found a girl

    hopefully i'm on the upswing now
  2. Sounds positive man. Hope things get better bro :)
  3. good luck

    why is this the worst year?
  4. The worst week

    [​IMG]........so far.
  5. Here's some good vibes your way, glad to see some things are starting to look up for ya.

    You can always shoot a PM my way.

  6. just a whole lotta shit that happened to me, from school, to a friend passing, to my basement getting 2.5 feet of water, to getting arrested, a whole bunch of shit that finally seems like it may be clearing up.

    "just can't live that negative way... make way for the positive day."

    haha, made me lol- good movie

    thanks man

    and thanks everyone else, i'm sure anyone whos been on here the past 10 or so months has been getting sick of my bitching and whining threads, but it seems my life may finally be heading in the right way. its amazing what getting a job and finding a quality girl can do
  7. Nice

    If you got a Job n a Girl, those things make me feel complete

    even though it suck i need to depend on a girl or job for happiness

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