ive hit 1000 posts!

Discussion in 'General' started by crusher101, May 3, 2006.

  1. well the day has finally come... ive gotten 1000 posts!
  2. ill give you a congradilatory kick in the balls. lol jk
  3. Congratulations, although I feel as though as though we should celebrate for my reaching 32 posts!!!!!!!!!!
    Yay! Let's all buy Vioxx now!
  4. :hello:

    i'm comin up on 2000:gc_rocks:
  5. Congrats crusher!
  6. congrats man always an accomplishment

    my next stop is 500 woohooo
  7. Congrats..Jun 2004 is when you registered..wow..almost a year for 1k posts lol..SHIT i have a lot of time on my hands..
  8. congrats crusher, bout time man :smoke:
  9. were oh were does the time go? lol:)
  10. w00 w00. I'm gonna go hit the gravity bong to celebrate for you. ;)

  11. lol i forgot it was 2006 for a second :/ i was like, wtf i registered in january how does he have so many posts.

    maybe i should put this dank down for a little while :)

  12. YOU FOOL! Your next stop is 420!!!!

    you have 8 more posts to go, be careful!
  13. Thats almost two years homie.

    Im bout to hit 1,000 too. Been here for like a year n a half.
  14. im about to 1000 to lol, Congrats crusher
  15. at the rate im going, its gonna take me 3 years. :mad: :eek:

  16. haha you said 6 in mine cause i had double so you cut it in half haha that made me laugh :)
  17. congrats man! i cant wait to him my first K
  18. ahhaa, oh man, im luaghing so hard right now :) haha

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