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I've heard of people tripping off weed. Is this a myth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zeusophobia, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Supposedly if you consume a large amount of high grade weed you will have an experience similar to a low dose of magic mushrooms.

    True or false?
  2. It varies person to person. Personally I've had minor trips from just weed.
  3. No sir. These people are light weights and have never tried shrooms. Either drug effects different parts of the brain so the effects couldn't even be compared properly dude...
  4. Correct.

    If you were to eat a strong pot brownie a couple months after you start toking you definitely will.

    And I had a similar "conciousness of being" like shrooms when I ate a like .5 firecracker the other day.
  5. No, the euphoria IS similar. It feels moreso like coming down off shrooms. Warm and euphoric.
  6. [​IMG]

    False. In my opinion they are completely different feelings.
  7. Yeah you can trip off weed.
  8. You can obviously trip off weed. It's not like doing acid and reaching a peak, it's usually the peak of being stoned. Whenever I take a t-break and come back to a harsh bowl of dank I find that I'm off tripping hard for a couple hours. Closing my eyes gives crystal clear images sometimes. It's my mind, but they're there, like a kaleidoscope. Sometimes I just close my eyes and I take the ride.

    Lately I've been feeling this weird vertigo effect from smoking late at night. I feel like I'm nodding left to right and the sensation is somewhat pleasurable.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    cannabis is a mild psychedelic

    it makes colors appear more vivid. it makes music sound better. it makes food taste better, it alters and intensifies your perception. its nothing like being on a moderate to high dose of "other" drugs. I've never done them but that much is obvious. if you disagree, smoke something more sativa or think back really hard to your first time. weed can be fairly intense which is why when you get paranoid or anxious it sucks.

  10. I get the same feeling. Or the feeling that my body has become one with my bed or that I'm spinning. weird shit but its fun.
  11. Never hallucinated, but idk I feel I can control my self when im high so maybe Im just not accepting
  12. ive tried both. i didnt get halos from shrooms like popular opinion (myth too?)... but colors were a huge factor in the shroom trip, lighting, music, etc etc. and this is straight shrooms with no weed involved.

    A few occasions i have had minor effects of the afformentioned trip, off of weed. i cant really say exactly how, because i dont remmber, i just remmeber it happening. if i had to take a stab i would say fatigue (lack of sleep) and a whole night of bong hits might have had something tod o with it.

  13. this is true...

    trippping is completely different "high" than what weed gives you..

    you guys are just noobs getting way too baked lol.. tripping makes you feel retarded crazy
  14. #14 The Audion, Aug 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2011
    yet another ignorant person who failed to notice the OP said low dose

    and I've never seen someone describe tripping in such an immature way as "retarded crazy" Stick with alcohol you seem much better suited to it.
  15. i don't about this one.. i'd believe its a enhances colors but not noticeably enough to the naked eye really. I've done em all and i smoke very heavily and have done everything from eaten it to smoked the best budder's and i've never tripped.. god damn i wish i could and would take any advice and try it if it was legit.. but personally if i was looking for that "trip" i'd go get the real deal!
  16. i know that smoking while tripping is an amazing enhancement for me and i can literally see shit morph quicker and get more intense right after i exhale while tripping..

  17. again, no one is saying you're going to trip from weed. but when you get very, very high, you get those mild psychedelic effects.
  18. oh well yea the body hgh and all that is very similar to that of psychedelics... and yes i know weed is categorized as a psychedelic.

  19. Yea. If we're considering that wikipedia article to be at all significant or explanatory of the psychedelic experience, I feel I've gotten to one maybe even 1.5 just with weed.
  20. interesting article.. first time i saw it, but i would have to agree that i have gotten to a 1 as well from weed alone.

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