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  1. with my outdoor excursions starting this year started off with three babys indoo's until they were like 26 days old, feeding them "small" amounts of ferts they stems are like half an inch in diameter and they are like 9 inches tall

    out in beautiful soil....

    3 out of the 3 were female, but a racoon ate one
  2. sounds like what happened to me except they ate all 3:mad:..
    i read that piss will kepp them away.. but i havent tryed that yet.
    also does anyone else have any suggestions to keep em away?
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    Im thinking since i dont want to use fencing cause it stands out. I will pee around my spot, and im considering using predator urine.

    Coyote or wolf pee. Havent seen a lot of the wolf pee, but thats what i want cause it keeps away deers and elk along with mooses. The coyote doesnt say it keeps away mooses.

    You can buy um in granules, and sprays. And they have dispensers or w.e that you fill up and they keep the scent around for like 30 days.
  4. Try to find mountain lion urine...it will keep just about everything away.
  5. See attached, never tried it but it was in my arsenal of downloads.

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  6. My only problem with varmints is my neighbour´s fucking cats. Maybe I should get a big dog.
  7. In the NW...Where do you pick up your predator urine ?

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