Ive had dreams so goddamn beautiful

Discussion in 'General' started by Faramir, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. They are worth living for

    Ive gotten extremely sad and was about to commit suicide one time but no matter what ive had dreams so beautiful and amazing that thst prevrent me from suicide

    I cant be the onky one haha
  2. I have the most fucked up and weirdest dreams you can dream of.

    'Nuf said.
  3. Haha u dont even realize how i think of that statement as well

    I have rly insane dreams too but rite now im thinkinf of rhe most beautiful and heavenly shit ive had
  4. Man I don't remember half my dreams, and those I only half remember! Appreciate that :smoke:
  5. Too fucjed up to know what thus post means but

    It sounds awesome so i guess its awesome haha
  6. My dreams aren't memorable enough to be considered beautiful. I have to find beauty elsewhere, so I bequeath of thee - please appreciate such a positive thing in your life!!!

  7. my dreams are intense as fuck and the only reason i like sobriety, i love them but sometimes they scare the shit out of me. but i havent dreamed in a while, because smoking weed=no dreams for me. but fuck dawg suicide go get some pussy and lets put a smile on that face.
  8. I bet you'd like lucid dreaming
  9. I fucking love dreaming. I wish I could dream 24/7 and never had to wake up.

    If I wake up in the morning and don't get out of my bed and eventually fall back asleep, I always remember that dream. Sweeeeeet dreams.
  10. Don't u kno u dream when you die? Duh

  11. If DMT is released when you die then maybe.

    I've heard of people almost dying and saying they went to heaven and came back.

    Maybe it's just a lot of DMT was released from their body and they were tripping so it could have seemed like heaven.

    I laugh at a crazy anti-drug religious zealot who confuses their first experience "doing drugs" with "heaven" if true.

    just a thought lol
  12. i have some very awesome dreams once in a while, but mostly i can't remember shit. Maybe I never really hit enough rem sleep. I'm an insomniac so getting more than five continual hours of sleep is a little hard.
  13. OP is fucked up :laughing:
  14. I remember maybe one dream a month...
    So basicly I dint even know if I like them...
  15. so often i just refuse to get out of bed, i love sleeping due to my consistent dreaming, and the quality of said dreams.. i just love laying in bed, going in and out of beautiful sleep.:smoking::smoking:
  16. U guys kno my feel :)

    I had an amazing dream of living in thr goofy movie last night haha, so beautiful

    One part i was chilling with goofys dad out in new mexico hahahahaha

    And guy who mentioned lucid dreaming, i fcking love it, ive had it naturally a zillion times it weird. It only happens like once in a while tho

    An my dreams are also very very intense and strange. Life changing too sometimes

    Cktony i agree, i hold thee dear to my heart

    Goddamn i was fucked up last night haha
  17. Wet dreams are the best dreams I ever have
  18. How old are u?

    I miss wet dreams :/

    Ever since i was 13 all my dreams have been supernaturally cockblocked

    Literally it starts with me seeing a hot girl, going over to rape her (in the dream) and after being inside her for like 10 seconds something makes it end

    Or i just have to sit and watch hahaha such a shitty feelinf
  19. Turned 18 in june, been having a wet dream once every 2 weeks since I was 13
  20. Just had a dream last night that I was trying to hide a dead body, but the cops caught me in the act and I went to prison. Shit ass dream...

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