Ive got the munchies! Give me some ideas on food you like when your stoned.

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganja Master, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Help me out. Im down to try some new food! yumm
  2. Mexican food!
  3. Sweet and Hot beef jerky, and the jalepeno is out of this world too if your into spicy food. That and popcorn. Chocolate milk is very special too...

  4. I could def go for some beef jerky! and I love spicy food... How about some spicy chinese food?
  5. Mac and cheese.


    Chicken Souvlaki



    ^ I think you can never go wrong with those :smoke:
  6. When ur high, you gotta try waffles with peanut butter and honey.. its soo delicious.

  7. Def love waffles and peanut butter but never tried it with honey ill have to give that a try

  8. Let us know how you like it... I might make some now hah
  9. :yummy: My favorite! But I add bananas too.

  10. Ah bananas sound like a pretty good addition. Imma try that for sure
  11. if your snack hungry, spicy cheeto`s (sp?). if your meal hungry, and combo of red meat and potato`s is my number one go to

    edit: ^ oh hell yeah, peanut butter and banana sammich
  12. what ever you do dont eat any chilli try some chips or something
  13. Cook some re-fried beans in a big pot add some cheese of your liking and crush some doritos inside.... Mmmm easy and delicious

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