Ive got the green blues

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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm new here and I have a sad tale to tell you and I need your advice. 
    I've always been more or less a casual toker due to my career in EMS and now I've moved to a state far far away from my home. I've never really bought my own before; always just picked up a few packs of Marlboro Blacks for my friend who was generous with his bowl. And now he's gone.
    I don't really have many friends here -- aside from colleagues -- and if they toke they are tight lipped about it.
    So I thought I'd turn to the interwebz for some adivce on how this is done. I don't want to get jacked by some thug in the wrong neighborhood but how do I go about finding a source? I know many here do not have this problem but it's very real for me. Do you just go up to the rastafarian looking chap in the mall and ask if he's got some girl scout cookies to share?
    Thanks for the advice.

  2. I've found all of my dealers through friends of mine who smoke weed. If you can't find a dealer this way, you could try spotting the typical stoner groups at your nearest university and asking if they could hook you up. I have done this before at my university here in Australia and I managed to score some bud. They had long hair, clothing with psychedelic patterns and noticeably red eyes :p.
    Really though, most stoners I know would be happy to help someone score some weed. And it really can't hurt to try. Worst case scenario is they will say no.     
  3. LOL!! "Some Rastafarian chap"

    I need this before going to work!

    "May The Force Be With You"
  4. Have a look into dark net sites if your really stuck for a connect, can't mention specific sites on here but most really do carry a good service!
    What's dark net? I've never heard of that.
  6. Where are you? That makes a big difference.
  7. KY. Unfortunately not CO or WA.
  8. If you don't know what dark web is you probably shouldn't use it. Although it's not very hard...

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  9. Check out any local NORML Chapters. Be aware, there is likely a chance of minor infiltration. so do watch for tells. :smoke:
  10. I was excited about your idea and then I went to the NORML chapters page and was shocked to see that there aren't any in Kentucky. There isn't one for a few hundred miles best I can tell from this map. 
    #discouraged lol
  11. Holy Chit, you're right.
    That is strange as hell, Kentucky has always had a good rep for sweet bud.
    Just stay observant. Please make sure you have read the forum guidelines too.
  12. Went for a late drive and stopped to buy some Mint Camel Snus. The gas station I frequent sells detox drinks and synthetic urine and had some cheech & chong scales. Worked up the balls and asked the Indian attendant, a fellow who knows me as a routine customer and chats with me from time to time, if he knew where I could get some weed or sell me some. He laughed and said "I wish my friend." He looks like he might be a toker and his family owns the joint. 
    That was the first time I've ever boldly asked anyone. Glad the response wasn't "Get the hell out of here!" lol

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