I've got stunted growth

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Eros, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. I planted one batch a month or so back, and some how one of my plants has lost the ability to grow. I had to leave it in the trunk of my car for 2 days cuz of some inspections (for termites and other damages) in the appartments where I live. I had 4 plants, 2 died :( and 2 lived, yet one of them is not growing anymore. Its leaves are a dark green w/ some lighter color on the edges. The little new leaves in the center are still there looking exactly the way the way they did 2 wks ago when this happened. Somebody plz help.
  2. messing with a plants light can have some strange effects.
    this is a guess but i think its having a hard time desiding weather or not to flower yet.
    when reveging a plant thats been in flower it can take over 2weeks for new growth to show, as your plant was probably half dead by the time it was put back in the light im not surprised its gone on strike for such a long time.
    i would just treat it as normal, 18/6 or even 20/4 light and stick with it.
    as the plant isnt dead (fallen over/droopy leafs) then it will recover.
    be prepared for auto flowering, streach, single bladed leaves etc but dont give up on it just yet. if there is no new growth in another week or to then its unlikey the problem is light related.
  3. There may be some nutrient lock up as well, check the ph and give it a good flush

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