I've got something to say to all of you GC members...

Discussion in 'General' started by trikky, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. THANKS!!!!!!

    All of you have been so helpful for the past (almost) a year. So for my 400th post, I would like to say thanks.

    Thanks for all the support from the people in the Rec. Use forum who have answered my questions.

    I will be ever-indebted to the members of the Growing forum. Without you all, I would have never gotten my grows off the ground.

    Finally, a special thank you to all the mods and admins that make this place available to me. It's a truly special thing you guys have given us, a 'city' of our own to be who we are, despite the governmental laws wherever you live. That is special indeed.

    Thanks for everything, GC, and keep up the positive energy!
  2. ...and thank YOU for all the positive vibes! :hello:
  3. you're supposed to make this post before you reach 420 posts
  4. Not 100% sure what you mean...
  5. Me either :confused:

    ITT we feel warm and fuzzy!
  6. meaning you thank grasscity at 420 posts instead of celebrating 400 post; you know how it's a marijuana forum and all... :smoke:
  7. Ah, got it, well thanks when I get there too!

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