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  1. I had a few coins to spare, and stopped at a local soil dealer to see what he was all about, I spent $38 and walked out with:
    3-15# bags of EWC's,
    7lb of alpha meal,
    5lb of kemp meal
    \nGood deal, bad deal? 
    \nNow the question is what to do with them. I've got holes filled with Promix, dusted with lime and 13-13-13. Should I blend some of this in when I transplant into the holes, or side dress, or make a tea? And at what ratios?
    \nThanks all.. 

  2. Use the castings in ur base mix at 1/3rd of the total mix. Then u have 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 perlite or rice hulls. I useboth.
    To that base mix add 2 to3cupsof ( 1 cup alfalfa, 2 cups kelp ratio mix) to every 7.5 gallons or 1 cubic foot of soil. Wet it down andlet her cook. Dont forget ur dolomite and oyster shell at 1 cup percubic footofbase. If usingbot do halfa and half so half cup of each then hit each cubic foot with it.
  3. Also use ur castings at 2 to 3 cups per 5 gallonsof water and 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses. Aeratefor24 hours then cut with water 50/50 or use straight onur plants. Once every 2 weeks. Inbetween thecompost tea week switch to a botanical the next week. So ur basically alternting. Botnical i use is 1 cup alfalfa and 1/2 cup kelp to 5 gallons water and aerate for 24 hours then use. U can cut the botanical with water like the compost tea if you need to. Hope tht helps ya man.
  4. I find it interesting that you switch the 2-1 ratios of kelp/alfalfa when going from amendment to tea. I'm curious as to why? I don't have the funding to add that much EWC's to my holes this year, If I were to want to blend in a gallon or so when I set the plants would that be a waste of effort? Maybe I should just amend the holes I can afford to and let the others run as is? 
    Thanks... It's been a great day, 
  5. u can run with less ewc, you can run a soil mix with castings as the onlyhumus source but better to run quality compost with it. Compost sourced locally is usually pretty cheap and u can make ur own and should be already ;) all my years previous feed my compost with old plants from the garden andkitchn scraps.
  6. Kelp wont burn and always good to have double ratio of kelp to the rest of ur dry mix. Just remember soil mixing is not an exact science but more of an art.im just giving u basics. Hit up the orgnic section and the beginnerssoil mix thread. Highly informtive.
  7. How's this sound:
    15# EWC
    1 cup Alfalfa
    2 cups kelp
    Let it sit in a bucket to stew 
    Throw a few hand fulls in the hole when I set the plant.
  8. no, be better off putting the ewc inur holes spread out evenly among ur holes andbuy extra bags for ur teas. And ur meals are better cooking in a complete super soil mix and cycled for amonth minimum before planing otherwise u will burn the shit our of ur girls.
  9. Holes are currently 70/30 promix,native soil, 13-13-13 and lime, btw.
  10. Sorry, stew as in sit in bucket and heat up, sot stew like a tea. 
    My bad..
    I gotta get to bed. Been working on motorcycles, decks, gardens, and cars all damned day. Gnight..
  11. oh no, u threw chemical nutes in already? For shame
  12. no cooking as in letting the active microbes cycle the organic matter in the soil to a plant useableform.
  13. at 5am thats a mouthful to even read.... but I got it. Sooo, let it cook and use it to augment when planting? 
  14. well you can top dress with finished super soil or even fill ur bottom half with the super soil and the top with a base.
  15. Let me throw this out there. My holes are filled with a nice mix right now. It I wanted to use a mix of the EWC's, kelp, and alpha that I can blend in when I transplant, what ratio would you recommend? Lets say I was going to blend in about 1/2 gallon at the transplant.
    Also, I'm thinking I need to get them all together before the transplanting so they can work a bit? Like I need to do this NOW!
  16. Where are the Microbes coming from and what/where is what are they consuming coming from? Like, are the microbes in the compost and they consume the kelp? 
    Sorry, this isn't an area I'm educated in. But if you need someone to .... well never mind. :)

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