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I've got some sad news.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. One of my best friends just found out he has cancer. We have been good friends for 25 years.

    The doctor says he has cancer in the bone marrow. He also has tumors on his lungs and liver.

    It's beeen a sad day for me. They told him today that he has 2-4 weeks to live.

    I seem to have thoughts going throug my head of how i can help. I just can't stop thinking about it..

    420 Girlie...... I love you babes.. You made me laugh while i'm down so low.. Now sing me that song again! LOL
  2. Sorry to hear that Bud. It must be going around. Just went to benefit yesterday for an ol' guitar buddy who's also got inoperable cancer. Ran into some other guitar buds there. 2 had heart conditions, 1 had MS. Jesus. We ain't supposed to be dying off yet! But, I guess ya just never know when you're next. That's why you should never miss a chance to be in a good mood, tell someone you love them, and just sit down and be thankful that you got this day anyhow.

    Take care my friend.
  3. I know what you mean. I guess we are getting older and seeing things different than we used too. Before now it was always someone older or a friend of the family, Now it's our friends..

    One of the guys that pour concrete for me, his wife had a cancerous tumor in her head. Hell she is 5 years younger than me. I think she is doing great for now..

    Another one of the big contractors in my area lost his wife to cancer about 6 or 7 months ago. Makes you wonder what is causing it. I have often thought that maybe it's in the air or water!

  4. Yea critter i am celebrating his life. I just want to do so much and everything is already taken care of. Me and him has smoked more weed than most people see in a life time.

    Until about six months ago, we still smoked together once a month. he started working weekends and had days off during the week. We have only talked on the pkhone most of the time lately.

    I guess I just need to do something for him..
  5. Shit, Bud Head...I am so sorry. Cancer is an extremely sad way to die. It runs rampant through my family and I have even watched some young people who have yet to live life suffer from it.

    The way for you to help is to make his last days in this life as happy as possible. I am a true believer of making the very most of each day that you can and by just showing him that you care and that you are there for him will bring some comfort to him. You are an amazing person and if anyone can bring a bit of joy to his life at such a difficult time, it will be you, sweetie.

    You can count on me for prayers and good karma. I will send happy and comforting vibes towards your way as well as his.

    We're all here for you, Bud Head. You can count on us for the karma and the love that you need. Always know that!!!

    I love you, man!
  6. Thanks RMJL. I'm talking to him on the phone while I'm on the city. He says to ell all of you to make the best of life today, you never know what will happen tomorrow!

    Also money doesn't mean shit when your time runs out.

    He also said he'll haunt anyone that doesn't smoke a joint to the life we think will be there forever!

    I love this man..
  7. I don't know this man but if he's a friend of yours, I can't help but love him, too!!!

    He's lucky to have you, Bud!!!!!
  8. You guys and gals are great.... we love ya as much as life..

    I am going over there tommorrow evening and spend some time with him. I hope we can have a few minutes with out some of the other people being there.. I'll make him feel better fo a while any way!

  9. oh budhead thats exactly what i was thinkin. im so sorry.

  10. *hands bud head a big box of condolences*

    go ahead and pass those out to whoever needs it, including yourself and your friend


    once I find out when I'm gonna kick the bucket (if I do) I'm gonna have the time of my life, there's gonna be a big deathday party and everything, not to mention all the insane drugs I could take since bodily health wouldn't exactly be a priority, is there any dangerous or self destructive thing he's always wanted to do? your friend has recieved something very few people get; now he can dance on the edge of the volcano or drug himself into oblivion (or maybe nirvana) without having to worry about the consequences.

    That may be easier said than done however, I can't honestly say I'd be able to deal with the grief enough to do much of anything if it were me.

    Oh well, rest in peace, live in infamy ;)
  11. HIGH All, shit sorry to hear that your friend is dying Bud Head...nothing I can say that has'nt been said Big Guy. Smoking a couple for you guys now.
  12. Always sadens me, it makes you wonder, doesn't it. Here today, gone tomorrow. Spend time with your friend Bud, I know it sounds hard, but he will not be here for a long time so be togehter, life it to the fullest and share what you need to share! I hope he is not in pain, I send you good Karma and lots of love! It will be a trying time for you.


  13. ::lots of courage karma to your friend::
    ::lots of healing karma to you BH::
  14. sorry man, I know how great childhood friends are.
    but be hopeful. I've heard stories about doctors tellin someone he'll never walk or only live like another month, and he ends up walking in a few months or lives to be 90..
  15. Thanks to all.. The good karma and special friendship is greatly appreciated by the both of us.. I talked to him for a few minute a little while ago and he sounds good.

    He is starting a herbal cure that a doctor give him a choice of. I don't know how well it will work for him since he has the cancer very bad. He can't do the kemo theropy because he is to week. After only 5 minutes he has to get off the phone.

    I'll be going to see him in about an hour.
  16. shit that is heavy news. is the cancer just deveoped or has he had it for a while and not known ??? sorry if this is insensitive, just 2-4 weeks is not long.

    many of my very own collected happyness karma to you and your friend, i could never imagine what you are going through cos of my youngness.

  17. I think I'm going to put him a happy sack in with him.. I'll give him a handfull of seeds to start growing with!

    He didn't know till a week ago that he had cancer. Untill yesterday he didn't know how bad it was..
  18. if hes not in the hospital.... u 2 should toke up one more time...... get both of ur minds off of it

  19. I love you too butthead. I wish there was something I could say to help but there really isnt. I guess I just want you to know that i'm here for you, and I love you,you make my life happier.

    p.s. maybe you should tell your friend my theory about how when a man dies he gets to come back as a woman. Oh, and tell him I hope he's a hottie.
  20. sorry to hear such bad news BH. i'll be sending out much karma to the both of ya. just want ya to know i'm here if ya ever need someone to talk to. i know the pain of losing people you love. it's never easy... make the best of what time ya'll have left. i'll smoke a fat sack for for the both of you as soon as i can get ahold of some trees :D

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