ive got seeds now what

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blueberry_boi, May 25, 2006.

  1. ive got enough space in an secluded area for about 2 to 4 plant but i need advice on what kinda of equipment (lights, fans, soil, nutrients, etc.) i should use or need and I was wondering if anyone had advice
  2. id say just get one 80 watt florescent light, grow one plant. Germinate one seed, and get one bag of walmart brand soil. Read Germination 420 and Grandpas grow guide, they're the stickys.
  3. Best advice: read. Check the grow guide and other links in my sig.
  4. I dont mean to sound like an asshole but the first thing I saw when I entered the absolute beginner forum was 3 stickys. 2 on general growing and 1 on germination and thats just in this part. Do we have do put it in bright red or something. Once again i dont mean to be an ass, but half the questions asked are ones that either can be answered by reading some stickys or litterally going through a few pages of threads.

  5. If there's an asshole in the picture it ain't you.

    I got so sick of these questions that I tried to make it even easier by putting links to a lot of the stickies in my signature, now I can reply to check the links in my sig. Apparently looking for sticky threads is too difficult for some.

    While we are venting, I also love how so many newbies don't even know how to ask a question. If you are creating a thread, particularly in the beginners section, it is pretty obvious that you are asking a question and you need help and it is your first grow, so subject lines like "Help!", "Question", and "First Grow" are meaningless. At any given time there are at least half a dozen posts with such titles on the first page alone of the beginner section. If you want someone to help you give some meaty information in the subject line, like "newbie confused about nutes for veg". That would draw me in to want to help you.

    Demonstrate that you have read up by saying something like, "I read through the sticky threads and couldn't find the answer." At least you're trying.

    And recognize that in asking a question you are requesting a favor from someone and be gracious and respectful about it. You don't have to kiss anyone's feet, but saying thanks in advance helps. What does not help at all is copping an attitude like "hey, I know somebody has the answer, come on already." F*ck you already.

    People here are glad to help those who show a little initiative. If you won't even make the effort to read the sticky posts you probably aren't going to grow successfully.

    Sorry to rattle on, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...
  6. The best is the attitude of them. Like we owe it to them to answer their question. When I first started a long time ago, I litterally researched for a good 4-5 months before I even tried to grow. I cant figure out how you can start something, have no clue what your doing, harass members to get your questions answered, and post in every section of the board with the same question. Thats why im here, to pass on what ive learned and put back what ive taken from the growing community. But seriously, this is getting rediculious. That was a great idea to put it in your sig, but people still dont get it. Why cant you just look around instead of joining and asking stupid questions right off the bat. Blueberry I dont mean to directly bitch at you, its alot of new people. Just learn the basics and well fill in the rest.
  7. Yeah Blue, you are the straw that broke the camel's back for a couple of us, nothing personal.

    Hey, I do feel better now.
  8. why is everyone so mad Im the one that should be angry Ive been sober for 2 weeks well anyways heres some help blue on Equipment and where to get it as far as soil I went with Fox Farm Ocean Forest 1 bag should fill 3 5 gallon containers I would get two as far as containers get the 26 oz cups for seedlings then transplant too 2gallon pots in two to three weeks then 5 gallon pots for flowering as for nutrients get anything you want if you have the money get a grow and bloom formula plus additives also go Orgainic www.discount-hydro.com
  9. now lets wrap this up for lights go to www.insidesun.com add the conversion bulb if you want but chains and hooks is a must as for fans Im using three a vortex for my exhaust an inline for my intake and a pc fan for seedlinds to strenghten stems heres a link to get a good combo deal for a vortex and a carbon filter www.mdhyfro.com/activated-carbon.asp hope this helps I gave you everything you need on the web anything else you want is at home depot lol :wave:
  10. Like I said I dont mean to be an ass, but people ask this everyday. You dont get sick of repeating this?

    Just mix your own soil. I mix some standard potting soil with perlite, peat moss, and humus. I dont know about anyone else but foxfarms is hard to find around here.

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