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  1. So I was thinking. In every game, no matter how good the enemy AI is, the enemy will all act the same. I mean that all the infantrymen will act the same, all the demons will act the same, etc. So I got an idea. What if the AI had different, randomly generated personalities. Some of them will be new, scared, fire wildly. Some of them will be brave, first man in, jumping on grenades to see their comrades. Some of the leaders will be reckless, running headlong into you. Some of them will be super tactical, trying to flank you. Good idea?
  2. I think its a cool idea what your saying yea..I wrote a big long post out and then just deleted it all..I guess all I have to really say is that no matter the AI sometimes at the end of the day some games can just be on some bullshit lol :rolleyes:

  3. I know what your saying, but same games already do this to some degree. Left4Dead 1 and 2 just for an example. The simple zombies do act different, some stand around, some meander, some have different degrees of aggression. There are all different types, but they still might just be cookiecutter versions.
  4. They have had this all the way back since the days of "Perfect Dark" for the N64
  5. Splinter cell comes to mind as trying to accomplish this, but your idea could always be changed to a "better AI" concept.

    ^^Perfect dark was amazing!

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