ive got an awesome grow room, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Mr Noob, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Please give me any input for improvements. i currently have a 600 watt hps, 2 cfl 100watt equivilant bulbs, a dedicated ac for this room, custom air boxes (cardboard), co2 setup, aeroponics box, ect... I have a mh light on my list. temps are adjustable for whatever i want, and i live in the hottest state in usa!!

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  2. thats a really nice setup you have going on there. :smoking:
  3. Fantastico! nice grow room :)
    i hope the space wont wreck it
  4. Im probally going to have to do scrog because of the space..... I wish i knew that they were all females. heh
  5. When the plants are larger and are transpiring alot......where is the Water from the A/C unit going to go? :cool:
  6. I planned for this, i routed the dripline out of the mixing box and down to a bottle which i will probally have to empty daily towards the end... Thanks for lookin. Ive read quite a few of your posts and you really know your stuff!! I made a note off of your post about the blender idea for chopping a plant up!

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  7. i also should probally note that this particular unit uses heat from the condensor coil to help evaporate some of the vapor that collected from the evaporative coil.. and the drip line runs through the inside of the box to get to the actual drip pan, its not going to pool water inside the cardboard box... hopefully... I completely sanitized the unit too before i put it in, Im a ex ac tech and know how much mold can accumulate in these things.. When do you guys think i should kick the hps on.... ive got flouros only right now. thanks
  8. cool, i mean LITERALLY cool! an a/c unit inside a growroom sure keeps those plants happy i bet. you'll get superior growth and THC keeping temps down like that.

    it was wierd though, it looked like you were venting the exaust down to the plants and the A/C up through your cieling, but as an A/C tech, i'm pretty sure you got it right. LOL

    just browsing the forum here as i'm about to get of my procrastinating butt myself and turn my beans into flowers for once.

    GL with your grow.
  9. I like the design with the ac. Good thinking...
  10. not much vertical space there :( better scrog or heavy LST or somthen!
  11. good call i will be doing a monster scrog!! im trying to decide if i should shape the net to match the lumen output for an even/larger growing area. what does everyone think?
  12. it you guys want to subscribe to the grow i have a journal going technogrow. I just added 9 cfl lights and updated the ac with a programmable thermostat! check it out!

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