I've got an 100.2 degree fever.

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  1. yeah. ever since I woke up my temperature has been between 99.5 and 100.5. I slept for like two hours to see if it'd help but I just woke up and have that 100.2


    ugh I feel like shit.
  2. take a hot bath/shower...

    sounds dumb, but do it.
    your body heats up to help kill/fight off infection or illness

    bathing will help relax and make you feel better
  3. My moms a nurse(25 years) and when my temp hit 104 it was into a cold shower for me. Kinda embarrassing because I was like 14 and cold shower = parts shrinking that shouldn't be seen by your mom at 14 anyway. But Advil should help some, and keep hydrated.
  4. ^Wtf, did she watch you shower? Thats wrong man.

    I had a fever today, to which my boss didnt need to know otherwise I wouldv been told to stay home, but i toughed through it, and a neighbor told my boss I was sick, which harmed my financial increase today. So frustrating.
  5. I had a 106 fever when I was 8-9, it sucked ass
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    Yea she was in the room not really watching me, I was turned away from her. I wasn't about to stay in the shower if she didn't stand there. When you hit >104 you got big problems (brain cell death).
  7. I'd probably pass out from the heat. My body temp is so high I can feel it radiating through me it sucks.

  8. so you're saying you wouldn't watch your kid with a 104 degree temperature to make sure that they didnt collapase and kill themselves? :eek: ... someone aint fit to be a parent
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    Assumptions make an ass out of you and me.
    Surely you can think of a better method of watching without private matters being apparent?
    But this reply is for the rest of the members, as I know you just want to get me riled up suburban as you usually do.
    Apparently you didnt notice , im back to good.
    One who didnt grow up with parents can appreciate the closeness, but it doesnt need to be that close.
  10. Surely your mother who you grew for 9 months inside, sucked her tits for a 6-12 months, changed your diapers for 2 years, trained you to go to the bathroom, bathed you until you were 4 can certainly see your dick if you have a life threatining temperature, couldn't she? I guess this could be considered "wrong" in some misconstrued fashion, but in any normal person's brain "good parenting" comes to mind.
  11. Unfortunately, no, i grew up with no parents, but what you described is of course proper, but as a teen?
  12. i would rather my mom see my dick and put me in the shower than die? unless you get hard and she starts slobbing your knob or some shit i see nothing wrong with it in such a circumstance
  13. Surely she could stand outside and keep talking to you?
    Dont get me wrong, I have had dibilitating (spelling) fevers, but to view your shrunken dick? I guess if i didnt want it to happen I wouldnt let it, wouldnt you? Thats what your voice/hand coverings is for ;)
    Now dont get me wrong, if your completely paralized (again spelling) and need such a thing be glad you have such a thing but come on now.
  14. dude every thread here ends up on a different subject than how it started.

    anyway back down to about 99.0 from some Tylenol. unfortunately that might not last long if I really am sick.
  15. If I were you I'd be drinking a shitton of orange juice/water and chilling out on the couch sleeping all day.

    And yeah, whoever said take a bath is smart indeed. Just don't pass out while taking a bath...that's bad news.
  16. dude your not supposed to cold shower when youve a high temperature the sudden change in your bodies temperature can send you iinto shock
  17. Fuck I know it I've been sick all week. I have a fever but still have the chills...I can't become warm. I'm wearing a set of long-johns (top + bottom), sweatpants, hoody, ski jacket, and insulated socks and I'm still freezing.
  18. fever is now 99.2 but my throat is closing up. whatever, got to stay home from school.
  19. when I quit taking lexapro cold turkey my temperature was around 94 degrees. I don't really remember what I felt like but I remember seeing 94 and being like damn that can't be right. Then I did it again and again.
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    I was thinking the same thing.

    That same mother used to wipe her kids butt and what not, she has seen it all - many times.

    And now people are writing she shouldn't be in the same room meanwhile her kid is taking a shower while having high fever??????

    One edit:

    I all got covered already:


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