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I've got a weed hangover

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grasser777, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So I've noticed any time that I smoke anywhere near bedtime (9-10pm when going to bed at 1 or 2am) I wake up feeling groggy with a headache.

    I just feel pretty awful. I know the cure would probably be another hit, but its like alcohol hangovers, what got you there seems disgusting at the moment. I find the idea of smoking disgusting when I have a hangover like this (right now)

    It is pretty bad this morning but not worse than if I were to just smoke a couple bowls with a friend, 3-4 waterfall bong rips, 1/3 a bowl and 2 1/2 pot rice crispy treats happened last night. I felt out of control while just sitting in one spot. I rarely smoke that much.

    Anyways, a question; I slept from 8:30pm til 6:30am after everything above, I wokeup around 2am and pounded almost an entire Gatorade and went back to sleep. I have a 4 out of 10 when it comes to hangovers. I was at a solid 9 high level last night. Should I really be having a hangover right now? :(

    tl;dr? It seems no matter the level of intake, if I smoke weed a few hours to 4 hours before bedtime, I wakeup 6-11 hours later (normal sleep levels for me) with a weed hangover. Is it normal?
  2. Don't go to bed while high. Problem solved
  3. Weird, I smoke an hour before sleeping and I sleep so much better. I have chronic insomnia and its the only thing that lets me sleep through the night and I wake up also feeling more refreshed.
  4. I always smoke 2-3 fat bedtime bowls before going to bed each night...lately I've noticed the same sort of thing. When I wake up (sometimes in the middle of the night), I have a terrible headahce, my stomach hurts, whole body aches, and I get extremely dizzy just from turning my head... You mentioned taking another hit feels disgusting to you, what I find is smoking a bowl or two can actually really help. You may not feel like having any, but after you do you'll be glad you did lol
  5. I don't understand, if you've noticed it then why not stop smoking before bed? Why keep doing it and keep seeing the same result and then complain about it? Just adapt and change.
  6. a weed hangover.....what's the world coming too...
  7. That is the very reason I never smoked less than 2 hours before sleeping when I first started smoking. Its a waste to go to bed high anyway
  8. Oh the misery someone help him
  9. Sucks donkey sacks bro, I smoke all the time while falling asleep and wake up refreshed and feeling sexy.

  10. I think we've all got chronic insomnia. ;)

    anyway, yeah it happens to me sometimes when I smoke wayyyy too much before going to sleep. If you use weed as a sleep aid, then just smoke a couple hits and then get into bed, you don't need to get retarded stoned for it to knock you out.

  11. theres evidence showing that people who smoke before bed experience less periods of REM sleep so you can sleep for longer than normal but not have the deep rest you need to be refreshed in the morning. glad my psychology degree has taught me something useful!
  12. Same thing happens to me except the headaches. Also it generally takes me longer to get up in the morning after toking up the night before.
  13. Lmao Ive never felt like that from smoking before bed.
  14. You probably got dehydrated. May have been worse if you did not drink the gatorade. ALWAYS keep a drink with you when smokeing. Try that and see how you feel tomorrow.
  15. I have horrible chronic insomnia so I always smoke before bed but as someone said before me stay hydrated! Keep a drink and if you still don't feel good..don't smoke before bed!
  16. I get that way it sucks
  17. I smoke every night before bed and wake up feeling amazing. Then I smoke a wake up bowl and feel amazing-er
  18. I was thinking along the same line as Dawq920 _ dehydration- This is what kills ya when ya drink to much also.
    Try drinking more water as you light up through the night and see if it makes a difference
    I also find that it is very hard to sleep and when I do every second is Golden (I feel for ya).
    I find that if I sleep more than 6 hrs I get all groggy and hungover feeling too.
    Good luck
  19. [quote name='"CinnaSquares"']I don't understand, if you've noticed it then why not stop smoking before bed? Why keep doing it and keep seeing the same result and then complain about it? Just adapt and change.[/quote]

    I use medical marijuana for insomnia mainly lol
  20. I love going to bed stoned. Seriously one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.

    However, when you do that, you wake up with a bakeover. I don't get headaches, but I feel out of it and I can't concentrate and I just overall feel hazy (in the bad way).

    There's two solutions to this problem.
    1. Don't go to bed high
    2. Smoke when you wake up bakedover.

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