I've got a question about inner thought.

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  1. I always have had a voice inside of my head that goes over what im about to say, for instance i thought about this question inside my head before i posted here. Some times when im high things are over simplified by this voice, like one time i was high with my cousin and his dad got really pissed off at my cousin and my inner voice told me 'he's angry'.. quite literally actually.

    I read something on schizophrenia and one of the most common symptoms is: "Auditory hallucinations, the most common form, involve hearing voices that are perceived to be inside or outside of the person's body. Sometimes the voices are complimentary, reassuring, neutral. Sometimes they are threatening, punitive, frightening, and may command the individual to do things that may be harmful."

    Doesn't everybody have an inner voice? ..this kind of concerns me.. The only time i ever experienced anything remotely close to a 'threatening' voice was when i was really baked and i glanced at my sleeping pills and thought 'I could take all of those and die' It wasnt really a "hey fucker, take those and die" ..I dunno, im kinda freaking out now.. :(
  2. we all have that....

    Ive always wondered what that voice would say if we grew up never learning a language.
  3. In my opinion,

    Everyone has that voice inside there head. That same voice can say some pretty crazy things at times. I believe that God is the only other thing (person) that can hear this voice. Although evil can not hear what your thinking I believe evil can throw a thought in your mind. The keyis knowing which thoughts are your and which thoughts are not yours. This can be very hard to do since evil is very strategic and evil has had your hole life to watch you and see what makes you tick. Like a good poker player reading the person he's playing against evil can read you. By planting thoughts that will lead you into doing wrong:

    Personal Example (very embarishing)

    Every morning I get up and take a shower. As I am showering thoughts like the girl on that commercial I saw last night flash in my head. At the time I wasn't thinking of the commercial but it flashed in my mind which causes me to think of the next commercial or show I saw with a pretty lady in it. After realizing I was thinking of someone other then my wife I stop. Minutes later my wife walks by in her bath robe and it makes me a lot more horny then I was before. Since I'm still in the shower I try to hurry up and finish washing when the thought "Hey your horny, your in the shower, and you can do the job in less then a min." pops up in my head. Knowing me as evil does it knows all it has to do from that point is just flash another picture of a beautiful lady in my mind and it will cause me to, you know, wackity wack.

    We even though we don't like to admit it and sometimes flat out ignore it we do live in a spiritual battle ground where Good is fighting evil. Key thing to do is if it doesn't sound like something you would really think it most likely isn't you thinking it. It's most likely evil planting evil thoughts. Like you said:

    Good luck with desifering which is which. It's hard but once you can see clearly life gets better and you stay out of more trouble.

    Rev. Michael T
    Soldier for Christ and Cannabis God's gift

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