Ive got a good vac pump and chamber why is my bho shit ?

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  1. Hey guys on here as my last resort. Long story short ive got a robbinair 15500 2 stage pump and i have a pro vac chamber. Im using a hot plate for heat source and am running commerical b grade nugs . Im using a glass extractor and running about 10gs using unbleached coffee filters for filteration. I am spraying directly into pyrex then scraping onto oil slick after initial heat purge, then goes stright into the vac. I have tried purging @ 140deg and 100deg.
    Now that I explained my setup let me tell you the problem I am expericing. Afer i intitally scrape and start purging and the muffin breaks, the oil looks super clear and perfect. After it stops reacting after an hr or so i flip and keep vaccing untill i see it not reacting then i flip agian.
    What im being left with after about 3-4 hours of vac purge is shatter like bho that is clear and clean yet somehow has some cloudiness in certian areas of the slab. its almost milky but its no present all the way throught the slab.
    It seems like something has gotten into my oil, because in the initial purge after muffin breaks it looks perfectly clean and clear.
    My question is why does this cloudyness happen ? What is it ? Why does my oil look amazing after 1 hr purge but start looking contaminated and shitty after 4-5 hours ?
    I think I also noticed that if i did a test dab after the 1 hr purge. the nail would turn black but there would be no debries. However after the 4-5 hr purges there would b some sort of debris left on the nail. Isnt that weird ?
    Agian i like to stay away from the fourums but i really need some help guys. Any info is greatly appricated. I will try and get pics soon.

  2. too hot. keep your oil in the 90s, not the hotplate, not the side of the chamber, the oil needs to be in the 90s so if you arent using an IR gun to check temps, get one.
    Sounds like shit material. it was either sprayed or not flushed if its leaving residue. 4-5 is sort of on the short end. try more like 12.
    besides, this isnt how oil making works. you cant just say hey, I've got a nice pump and chamber, I'm a master now! You have to do research, lots of it. trial an error, lots of it.
    you'll get it :bongin:
  3. I do have a ir temp gun and am keeping oil temps btween 90 and 110 . I think its more than heat but may be wrong,agian most of the slab was see thru shatter but it was kinga smokey/foogy looking in the middle. When i mixed the slab up it turned totally solid in color and nit see thru. Its odd
  4. mixed the slab up? please explain.
    110 is too high for shatter. keep it in the 90s. and make sure your nugs are dry as possible.
  5. As jc said.

    Also I know the cloudyness your talking about in my case the cloudyness in my slabs were very tiny and mainly was one area that was the plant fats and what not due to not dewaxing

    Couldbe diffrent in your case hard to tell with out pics
  6. Mixed the slab up as made it into a ball with my hands. Doing that took away all the transparency made it look like buddr. I am using super dry nugs of ok quality. It is comercial so prob is unflushed but ash isnt black or anything nasty. I was thinkin it could be plant waxes. Its just odd that its happening with almost ever strain
  7. My vote is too hot and residual wax. Cool it down to around 87.  What kind of gas are you using?
  8. lol dont do that with your errl, especially without gloves. thats definitely whats gonna make it budder up. you may as well be whipping.
    curious, why would you do that?
  9. Im using vector. Rolling a slab into a ball doesnt make it budder im talking about after purge is done. I can take any shatter and with heat roll it into a ball and squash it back down into a slab and the transparency stays the same.
  10. Possible oil from your pump is contaminating your bho.

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