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ive got a fro!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, May 7, 2003.

  1. this was gonna be a rant..but then , i decided to rant..good ol days rant, where i sit back, let music influence me, and pretty much write in freeform

    is they gettin rowdy wid us?

    god im so mother fucking high yall dont even know, got off of work two days in a row, and that helps with the resting and, im stoked and stoned, and thowed and blow, high as hell, flyin like a kite in the seventh level of hell, i sit by the river styx while all the chipmanzees suck my dix, i think what the fuck and run into the dark cave around the corner, surrounded by lava i begin to piss on everything, now its a cold room of hard smooth molten lava, much like marble, but not at all, because its still the same color as molten lava is...i just have the power of seperation of lava by urinating on hydrant, get over this my children is why dogs pee on fire hydrants
  2. dfg

    Attached Files:

  3. my forehead looks massive and shiny...dam..i really am from arkansaw
  4. lol you want to get going on some rants? start listening to lewis black. after a couple days you'll notice that you get pissed and go off about people's stupidity and everyone around you will laugh. I had to stop doing that after a while. I don't want to work myself up and end up giving myself a heart attack or something, not that I'm too worried about my heart now. It's just insurance for the future.

  5. yea nothing like a good old lewis black rant... i think he invented them. i just hope he doesn't have an anyursem before his next standup show!
  6. oh namy

    the only man in arkansaw with a fro

    rant on, my brother.
  7. Ya been sticking yer tongue in light sockets agin boy?
  8. I got to see Lewis Black live once. It was awesome.
  9. Norm, I swear to god its like looking in a mirror. I got your same 'fro. Looks goo on you to!! :eek:
  10. haha, same here, it looks like my hair but about a year ago, it's much, much larger now
  11. im in the process of growin it out...any growin tips bpp?
    im in the process of getting high right now..any tips tiny peter?
    im in the process of laughing..any tips kk?
    im in the process of....umm...i forget....guess i got that from smokie?
    im in the process of doin somethin...any tips styslkd?

    any tips for anything pigsofrubber?

  12. When you wash your hair, just rinse it out and not use shampoo except once a week. Use lots of conditioner to keep it moist. Back off the use of alcohol based hair products that dry and frizz your hair. And if all else fails , and it still gets frizzy and split ends, rub a little hand lotion through it every now and then.

    GOD, I sound like a sheila giving out these beauty tips. :eek:
  13. thanks for the tips sheila :p
  14. oh..i was hoping i could get weed plants to grow out of my head:(
  15. loool..that'd be the shit if a fro could act as a medium for weed absorbs water
    and nutrients
    and it can store em for awhile
    i think the roots could get some water
    lol...try it out man :p

    im insanely high..
  16. i used to have a fro... a bit bigger than that though. it was pretty cool. i chopped it off so i could go out job hunting though... damn... i miss it :(

    lol. i was eventually gonna put it in dreadies

  17. WOAH! that would be cool as hell!

    u should get a hydroponics setup made for ya. use those beercan holder caps wihout the top bit (like a golfer/tennis thing... im sure they have a proper name) for your nutrient flow. ;)

    i bet you could get at least 7 plants to grow on yer head.

  18. i guess a lil fert in my eyes would be worth it:D

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