I've got 6 grams of dank!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tokage567, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. How much should i smoke tonite to get ridiculously ripped without wasting weed?

    Cuz i heard that you can cap off sort of, like after a while it doesn't matter how much you smoke?

    I dont wanna waste all my weed.
  2. twice what you usually smoke
  3. smoke personal blunt
  4. I would go with a 1 gram L
  5. If you dont want to waste all your weed a few bong rips is all you need.

  6. You sure just a couple rips?

    I dont actually have a bong, but i have a nice ass pipe thats about the size of a bong bowl, i could use that.

    I have 2 joints and like 6 grams of raw shit i can use for anything, i'm gonna smoke with my buds, we wanna get everyone ripped up before we start our first college classes.

    Class starts Tuesday.

    So we wanna make like 7 grams last 2 days, we have 3 guys including me.

    Should we smoke 1/8th tonite and 1/8th tommorow?

    Thats about 1 gram per person.

    Ah whatever, i'ma lay out 3.5 grams on my scale and we'll smoke that tonite.

    Rest tommorow.
  7. just smoke until you cant get any higher.

    you probably wont know at the time, but youll have a blast doing it.
  8. Just start toking dude. Load up your bowl, if its a dry one, id load 2 bowls. Smoke that, once you come off your high, smoke more. Repeat.

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