I've Got 3 Plants Under A 400 Watt HPS Light

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  1. in 5 gallon buckets filled with soil
    how much should i water them, like everyday, every other day, or wut
  2. no set schedule, depends on size of plant/soil/temp

    maybe around every 4 days. get to know what your pot feels like when its light and leaves start to wilt/droop a little... your gona think its time... but wait till the next day... dont obsess over it
  3. ^ indeed

    and remember #1 mistake new growers make is overwatering
  4. I'm guessing that you don't have a meter, so here's an old school way of telling. Stick your finger in the dirt, get it to your knuckle. If you don't feel wet dirt, it's getting time to water. Also, the weight of the bucket is a pretty good indicator.
  5. how much water should i use?

  6. water till it runs out the bottom, you better have drilled holes :)
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    Water till you have runoff coming out the bottom. I just watered mine tonight and took close to a gallon

    Edit: I use a garden sprayer, but also find that one of those sports water bottles works really well. Give her a watering all around let that soak a bit and then finish off till you have runoff... good time to check your PH
  8. The "poke-your-finger-in-to-the-knuckle" method works fine for small pots but isn't good for a 5 gallon bucket. For a pot that size, weight is the best way to tell.
  9. Depends on the length of your finger, I guess. I've been pretty acurate, but I have long fingers:D
  10. I currently have the same set-up as the OP, 3 plants in 5 gallon containers under 400W HPS. Mine are Nirvana K2 which stays relatively short. They are in 3rd week of flowering, are around 36" after finishing stretch, and are pretty bushy. I have found that I only need to water about every 5th day. Like somebody has said though, that's goiong to depend a lot on the size of your plants. I also have very low humidity conditions, sometimes as low as 20%, never higher than 30% and that is probably a factor also.
  11. LOL, fair enough ;)
  12. Yeah, and if your finger isn't long enough hopefully your 3rd arm is.... if you catch my drift!
  13. what type of nuts are yall using im fixing to go to 5 gal soil. finishing a hydro grow then throw them in there i also am using a 400w light but i am going to reveg some plants from the hydro system when i put them in the soil. hahahaha trying something new while i wait for my other plants to get bigger. i will be watching your grow to see how you do it. good luck and have fun.

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