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I've found it-- the ultimate munchie satisfier

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hazy Ghost, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. My parents bought me a huge bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans and there are 40 different flavors. Each flavor makes my mouth orgasm :eek: It's the perfect stoner food. And you can mix flavors! :hello:
  2. Holy hell, me too. Especially the buttered popcorn flavor, it's like a buttery orgasm in your mouth.
  3. My diabetic side disagrees

    Buttered popcorn itself, now there's a flavourgasm.
  4. Not filling enough. You could eat those things forever and never get full. They're delicious for sure, but I don't like being hungry and high.

    Now a quality double bacon cheeseburger from a local (NOT CHAIN) burger joint... :yummy: :ey:
  5. I am from Fairfield where they are made. Use to go to that place all the time. Not the best muchie ever
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  6. fuck jelly beans
  7. Fuck jelly beans
  8. Fuck Beans of JELLY!
  9. Gross, that shit isn't even food.
  10. Sweets don't do it for me anymore. I personally need some sort of hot food to satisfy my hunger.
  11. When I first started smoking it was always sour patch kids, but I learned that baconators will solve all your problems
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  12. Sour patch kids and sour patch watermelons all day every day
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  13. Yes, meat. Me want. Bacon... Drool
  14. duck jelly beans. and duck auto correct!
  15. Jelly fish

    [quote name='"Elechronic"']"What do you think Sarge, do you think this is paraphernalia?" "Well, it does say 'weed loading surface' on it."
  16. #16 PinkFloyd42o, Dec 27, 2012
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    I fucking love fruit (natures real candy!) when I got the munchies. Nothing beats organic kiwis, melons, tangerines, pears, or berries.

    Love pecans, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and cashews also.

    Or Trader Joe's Roasted coconut chips, thats one of the best pre-packaged snack of all times.
  17. I like to make a big pot of some kind of stew, like chili or gumbo.
  18. Hell yes. Chili with bacon and tons of beans and meat :D. Shit I'm hungry now
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  19. Yes!And it looks like you forgot to add mangos. ;)
  20. Jelly beans are nasty :X

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