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I've finally found a solid dealer.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by The Captain K, May 4, 2011.

  1. So, I called up my dealer and asked him if he could hook me up.
    I don't know how he does it but he buys in large quantities and sells for NO profit, just for the distribution factor.

    I got 5.1g's of unknown DANK for $35. That's a deal in my opinion. :D

    I ground it up and placed it in my jar, so .. no bud porn, but rather I have a picture of this sexy jar. :)

  2. don't piss that man off hahah, awesome pickup bro!
  3. i used to have someone like that. 2 summers ago I had a phone number to someone (i never knew his name, lol. he wasn't sketch, it just never came up) who was an unreal connect. i was getting 8th's (that always weighed to atleast 3.8. often 4 flat) of real white rhino for 50. while medical-quality bud in the 518 IS abundant, it just isn't for fat 8ths like that, but my cousin is co-operator of a dispensary outside of Denver, CO and even he said that the bud was an unreal deal (and if anyone around Denver has had some real non-fruity, very diesely Sour Diesel from a dispensary, your welcome. he bought me a 12 pack of Blue Moon so I gave him a few seeds. apparently it was a couple males and a gorgeous female so clones keep the dispensary stocked.....)

    after getting a quarter (for 90) and a couple 8ths the next week, he never picked up his phone again. however, i found out a childhood friend/my boss's son (lol) sold. ever since i've been getting really really good (normally medical-quality) consistantly...just isn't necessarily cheap (and inconsistant. phenominal and real chemdog for 340 an o, but 4 for some sour? the fuck?)
  4. Yeah, he's a good dealer.

    On the other note, I may pick up and Oz of dank for 170 later on. :D
  5. If he's friends with a grower or grows himself, he's definitely turning a profit.

    Still a very very (very) good deal, but just saying :p
  6. Damn you captain. My dealer is a good friend of mine so he doesn't try and make a profit off me, buy 8's still cost me like 50$ for some dank soul deasil cause that's the best he can get it for around here.
    All my friends get the same prices too, usually higher.
    I think it's because I live in fucking Wisconsin.
  7. try being where I am, idiots tryin to push dank for 40/g....And people actually buy it. :mad:
  8. i just found a one of the best dealers ever, he has about 6 strains at anytime. picked up a quarter of wicked jack herer for $70

  9. ahh, were like naboirs bro where in the 518 are you?
    ps: i am the police;)
  10. I've gotta ask :eek:

    why do you pre-grind?
  11. yeah, what the fuck? way to ruin that 5.1

    EDIT: If you don't have a vape, then above still stands.
  12. dont people sell and not make profit. be pointless for the risk in most places. but canada already gets the bud for much much cheap then the states

  13. I vaporize.
  14. Awesome deal. Very very good price. now thats what i call a good dealer. Im obviously super jelly of your canadian prices.

    + rep on finding an awesome dealer

  15. :) Thanks broski.

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