Ive Done These Poems When Im High

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  1. Tell me how they are.

    your a gift from god,that i cant describe
    you turn me on,everytime i lite you up
    you make me feel so good,when im in a bad mood
    you heal away my pain when im hurt,
    i cant describe you even if i die,in your hands,
    becouse your the only one that takes away the pain from my soul,

    ill be always yours untill you burn down,
    you give me the money to hustle and get high,
    i love you crazy,when you get off the tree,
    then grow up yo little kids,which you call them seeds,
    so i could smoke you up,and i could be free,

    you are my girl,
    that gets me high,
    too lazy to ask why,
    i can't lie,on how will you get rolled,
    smoked up,bong'd,
    and make you burn,untill you die,
    then take your soul of breath,
    and inhale,
    and i be in a cage,
    layed,not knowing if i got the breath,
    to say im fried,too take the last hit,

    i ask you god,
    what you got for me in the world?,
    he replied,
    you only have to smoke the weed and get high,
    i told him,then you feel yourself in a different place?,
    he said its becouse,it gets you away from hell,
    i replied what is the divel?,
    he said the divel only makes yo eyes be red,
    i asked who and were is he?,
    God replied it's his smoke inside your breath,

    dont die from,
    i can feel you,
    when my eyes are closed,
    im shake'n,***** i see demons,
    im so relax,and your take'n control,
    its gonna be a mirical,to live without you,
    thats why i pray the lord,
    so you could stay mine,
    and keep on puff'n from you,untill i die,
    then grab the bong and go,tat-tat-tat-tat,
    now u feel that shit in yo brain,and see the sun about to shine,
    now keep on hitting,untill it explode yo face,

    u keep me heald,
    each time,with you im pleased,
    u make me forget about the past,
    like it been,in no time,
    and most important of all,you get me high,
    and you take control,

    i love you,u get me high,
    I fuck up anybody,that grabs you too long,
    now light you up,and hit you hard,
    i can feel you,you made me see 3D,
    when i dident have you,i couldent wait to get you back,
    becouse i feel yo THC,all up in my brain,
    i always carry you,wit my guns,
    so if ***** try to jack you,he get shot,
    now contenue to hustle,and the hash is mine,
    and aint shit gonna change,untill the day i die,

    i remember the days i got high,i can't speak about it,
    becouse i see the sunshine,when i lite it up,
    u cant live without it,unless u dont love god,
    becouse its called chronic,and yo head will pop off,
    then let yo mama look for some hunny,after yo brothers head got shot,
    for hold'n 7 grams,he dident wanna smoke,
    now u say whats the difference between me and you,
    i smoke chronic while yo ass be gett'n flip'd,
    I smoke weed,and got love for the streets,
    and yo mama be gett'n fucked,for the dollar to feed you,
    and wtf u respect'n george w Bush,
    we'll we respect'n yo mamas ass while high,
    you aint got no bread,you aint got no respect,
    becouse when you call'd the cops,u remember i put'd holes in your face,

    you light the joint,
    hit it,and get high,
    but you wont get high from only 1,
    you'll also need to pack the bowl,
    and hit the bong in 1 sip,

    dont trust in the evil,beccouse the evil does not trust in you,trust in god,for heavin

    you betray,but you dont forget,
    so If you can't be happy,get stoned,
    becouse spirits,always grow on trees,
    without it,you can't live,
    and never hit a bowl with two sips,
    becouse it wont get you high enuf,as 1 hit,

    smoke that hash,
    couse it gonna play on yo ass like a lil bich,
    couse im high as fuck i dont know where to start,
    but i thought its all about being rich,
    and roll that weed,with some ottoman paper,
    lite it and hit it,and you see the sky all up infront of you,
    then thats when you only have to say thats im high,

    we live the world with weed,
    couse it aint a fucken nightmare when you smoke it,
    couse u wont get sold by hell,without him gonna cry,
    smoke go'n through my throught,now ama keep on smok'n this untill i die,

    when i grew up smok'n weed,i realized theres hash,
    and ive heard it 3 times,stronger then mary jane,
    you *****s better realize that the black shit,is from the middle east,
    becouse it will get you high,that you wont be able to see me,
    and keep on smok'n untill,you have a tear in your red eye,
    becouse its your world that your in,that will get you high,

    you gotta hit the bong,
    or else u wont see no world,
    and when that smoke comes out yo ears,
    you will have gott'n officially fucked,
    now keep on smok'n,and get high,
    as you see the world spinn'n,in every movement you wach,
    as you were packing that bowl,you saw god,
    the more closer you get to hash,the faster you see heaven,
    and it feels like a storm,filled in your head,
    after that,you gotta hit another 10 bowls,
    so that you could see the future,about to begin,
    and thats why were living to die,

    play yo game rite,
    couse it depends all on the weed,
    that controls you in you try'n to get out of it,
    you get bigger then you die,
    yo mamas ears cry'n out with her eyes red,

    u can think,
    when u take a hit from the bong,
    and u start to think how yo life started,
    untill reach'n too how u gonna die,
    but the only thing in yo brain is thinking that u will contenue smok;n weed,

    never not get high,
    couse you wont be able to step in the game,
    and its all bout the wwweeeedd,
    why as why,
    untill yo head keeps on spinning,
    untill u die,
    and u said u aint never got in that gang,
    infront of that cop,
    please god,i dident kill,
    u try to pray,
    i never aimed in everybody,
    but it aint gonna adjust,
    thats why we got hash,
    it better then the green,and that haze,
    its all in one a trip to prison,
    couse u got in that dark shit,
    but then the cop made u see,
    how he had his mama fucked by a thug,
    then he got lost,and bekame a cop,
    chas'n slug's like you,
    he said ill make u eat dirt,
    i toled the cop i already ate yo mamas pussy,

    a baby was born,
    they called him hashish,
    becouse he grew up smok'n weed,
    and now his dad is named abu-hashish,
    but the kid kept on growing,
    to take his last hit,
    he found himself high all the time,
    and he never really realized,
    that he had a gun on his waste,
    too shoot onyone that comes close to his girlfriend,
    named mary jane,
    but he did not shoot,
    he pupped his hands full of weed,
    and told them to "come and smoke with me,
    couse it solves all the problems,
    that youve had in your life",
    so he grabed the bong,
    and hit it still having the 60G,
    of hash to smoke,
    and he sang,
    "dont follow the evil,
    couse it will hit yo face in black,
    shine yo eyes to the sun,
    and u could see the light,
    but if u look at the moon,
    its all dazzy,
    becouse its the honor of gett'n high,"

  2. lmao god damn compared to some of my stoned poetry thats a damn masterpiece...ill pull out some of mine here in a bit but nice broseph +rep for being a beast and putting urself out there!
  3. lawl alright mate i pulled it out just for you...heres mine!

    A Vast Beyond

    Upon the rolling hills and prairies,
    Upon the mountaintops of old,
    There remain thoughts and dreams of strangers,
    Promises all tinged with gold.

    And on the cliffs above the ocean,
    Those with a wide and stunning view,
    There lies a book and pen with paper,
    calmly waiting there for you.

    Looking out above the treetops,
    The one bald eagle flies so high,
    And knows that he will go fulfilled,
    When it does come time to die.

    And under lush grass far and high,
    There a grasshopper does lie,
    Content to stop and rest a while,
    His world but a country mile.

    Somewhere out upon the sea,
    Are things they say that just cant be,
    But shuck your shoes and just be free,
    Take my hand and you will see.

    Over the valleys and horizons,
    Over seasons, nights and days,
    There sits a man locked in a house,
    High on some super decent haze.

    That is the man that sits and smiles,
    At the cold September night,
    For it is he that sees the world,
    Happiness in a creative light.

    And so here are these things,
    You see,
    There is you and him and me,
    Connected with the breath of life,
    Kinship overcoming strife.

  4. Thanks man ,Im doing a book,so I thought to put those poems out to see how im doing.

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