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ive discoverd the best way to get resin out of a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by modern-hippy, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. ok so i just discoverd the best way to clean your glass pipes. I took a glass cup and put my pipe in it. then filled it with water and stck it in the microwave. after a few minutes the water started to boil and all the resin started floating out. then carefully poured out most of the water and used a spoon to scoop out the resin which is now being set out to dry. its about a joints worth of sticky blackness!

    EDIT : put a bowl or something under the cup or else the water will boil and bubble out and you'll get nasty resin water all over your microwave. oh yeah.... and your microwave will smell for a while, but if you leave the door open it will go away in like an hour
  2. hey i just did that its pretty cool thanks man
  3. Good idea I just cleaned out my pipe but next time I need to clean it I will try that.
  4. I do that on the stove.. Be careful! Make sure you don't forget about your piece!... :D
  5. LOL! Hey, that's a good idea!, but who remembers my blow touch method? I would think I might be better to just heat the piece until it starts to smoke with a blow touch.... or a lighter.... Heat your piece until it smokes then take the draws from it... that always got me pretty high when I don't have any weed... Pretty good high, but short high though. I would think though, if you are that desperate.... it may contain alot of tar.... Hate to bust on the fun, but heath is wealth.
  6. i just bought a glass pipe today i'm gunna smoke it so much and when time i'll try that sounds awesome
  7. 2 questions:

    1) how long did you put it in for?

    2) did it completly clean the pipe?
  8. isopropyl alcohol/pipe cleaners never fancied resin myself:confused: I got fast ,safe ,results. Ho-Ho- or HOOT-HOOT . [​IMG] lol radio
  9. sweet i just tried this on my spoon and it worked great. however when i did my sherlock a huge clump of resin got clogged in the top of it. i had to do it twice to get it clean.

    keep up the good work
  10. isn't that bad for the glass?
  11. just remember if your pipe is still hot dont poor cool water over it or itll shatter...i learned that after my 5th testtube
  12. I think putting in a pot and boiling it on the stove is better... you can move the pipe around with tongs so that all of the resin comes out.

    For all of you that live with your parents, be wary. Doing this stinks up the place like all hell.
  13. Honstly, the best way to perfectly clean your bowl like new and get a nice big resin ball out of it is to use acetone. It cleans almost instantaneously, and evaporates quickly for easy resin collection. You can find it at any hardware store, probably in the paint thinner/solvents section. Just a little advice from a Chem major :D

    ~The Tick
  14. using rubbing alcohol would be much safer in lots of ways. acitone just has lots of gross stuff in it that i wouldnt want in my pipe
  15. Bah, Acetone may be slightly cancerous, but it's no worse than what you find in cigarettes. Plus it evaporates immediately, leaving behind no trace of the acetone after a couple minutes (acetone being simple methylethyl ketone.... nothing more, nothing less). We used it in my orgo labs all the time. It's perfect for any organic grime you may need to clean up :) Fun shit... works perfect

    ~The Tick
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  16. Exactly...

    91% rubbing alcohol is as safe as you can get..I swear by it. You're losing it if you think acetone is safe...

    One can be rubbed on skin without any irritation...the other chemically burns flesh..
    One evaporates leaving behind 9% of it's original content...simple h2o... the other needs to be rinsed.

    Acetone is however a good way to leech pure honey out of already processed oil....

    I think I've made my choice tho chem major... :p

  17. That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Why? Because if you are going to strip your pipe with it & then make the resin into a ball, some of the acetone might get trapped in & not be able to permeate to the surface. I've worked with acetone before & I just wouldn't trust it.

    Yes, as everyone probably knows rubbing alcohol isn't harmful on the skin, but
    acetone doesn't burn the skin either. If anything it will just somehow remove all the natural oil off of your skin.

  18. Some with super soft skin actually get nuked around the area they're removing nail polish from... so it depends on person.

    Rubbing alcohol is like mary jane...I've yet to hear of any problems with it outside idiots cooking themselves trying to play fire eater.

    Dude with the spoon... rubbing alcohol... 91% best 99c to a 1.50 you'll ever spend. Juts fill the spoon with a tiny bit cover the carb an mouth piece an shake like all hell. Taping a bit of paper towel over the bowl is optional....as is adding salt to remove gunk even faster. No smell no fuss no muss....
  19. I used to clean my peahitterr with nail polish that had acetone in it. It works really well, but that cant be healthy.

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