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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Ive mention oce or ten times that I love oatmeal..well I bought a box of quaker oats ghetto oatmeal packets and it has..GET THIS!!...CINNAMON ROLL FLAVORED OATMEAL!...HIP HIP HURRAH!!!!!!....IM EATING ALL TEN PACKETS THAT CAME IN THE BOX SIMULTANIOUSELY..COLD....IN A BIG BOWL!....YUMMERS!
  2. no quaker oats arent ghetto..its the instant packets of oatmeal that have been sugared up so they sell millions to children and stoners.....just add milk and you have a cold mushy cereal(stoner method) or you cna heat it up I suppose so its more like real oatmeal....lol I had forgottten about posting this thread a while ago and so I saw the reply notice in my email and when i went to it I was like "hey this guy read my mind!"
  3. LOL
    that cinnamon roll oatmeal *is* the shit, even though it's been processed and sugar-fied. i usually like getting the old-fashioned oats and making my own oatmeal, but that one, and the vanilla oatmeal by Quaker's is pretty damn good for instant.

    i'm an oatmeal fan too, it kicks ass
  4. single oatmeal packets with milk poured directly into the pouch, bbq sauce on bread, cheeze its and milk, and french fries dipped in chocolate shake, just happens to be one of the many things i get laughed at cuz i like :S.......but its futher muckin good i tells ya......ITS GOOD!!!

    hahah.....you came all the way down here just to find me say this....mwuahahahahah
  5. hell yeah normsy poo..my older sister worked at a "wendys", so she'd always hook me up with free frostys and stuff..I'd always dip the fries in the frostys..because basically their fries blow ass and are mor elike soggy potatoe droppings than actual fries....
  6. ya know what the most displeasing sexual thing to me is..youdont do you...well..i will tell you...both of them....one of which is analingus...WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?!?!?!?????...and the other..is a female...with a penis, thats bad too
  7. what if it were both?..a transvestite who loves to toss peoples salad?....you know..I worked at the olive garden as the salad tosser and breadstick butterer....it was a highly sexual job
  8. Damn Nubbins, that be some nasty shit!!!!!!
  9. nubbin you ever eat that shit dry???.......the maple and brown sugar taste so dope dry.....jus make sure you shake it up first to mix everything together
  10. the first timew I opened one of the rown sugar ones..a single clump of brown sugar fell out and I was stoned out of my mind tying to figure out how a rat could get into a single packet to poop....took me a while

  11. I have no clue, the anus is just not a big turn on for me and I feel it shouldn't be used in sex. This one kid was a butt guy and he liked to stick his finger in my butt, what's with that?
  12. HA!lmao....yeah i know how that goes..butt guys...can't live with em..can't stand their fingers in your butt
  13. You dated a butt guy too?
  14. i for two, am not a butt guy.....i almost accidentally in a drunken stupor put it off in thar once tho.....then i realized it wadnt goin, and that she was hollerin and slappin...so i moved it a little bit and slippy slide of in thar he goes.not the butt tho
  15. Sure it almost accidently slipped in there. Uh-huh, I believe you.

    No really, I do ;)
  16. WHY would you want to put your buddy into a stinky cramped brown exit only hole?! when theres a slippy squeezing..........nevermind, you all know where that one was goin, ill stop myself before its......shit, its already too late....

  17. shit man..if I were a girl I wouldn't know what to dow ith myself and all those different holes down there...every hole with a different funk
  18. if every hole has a different funk, you been payin wayyyy to much for her nubbin.....theres a discount on the funky ones....i rather enjoy the taste of kooch myself...kinda.....hmm....buttery?except in a kooch sorta way
  19. Wow a hole two, your right that is quite a load for you to handle. How are you going to keep them all straight.

    P.s. What kind of dirty funk-cooched girls do you sleep with?

    EDIT: I meant whole, but you get the point.
  20. man wtf?...I SWEAR TO GOD my anatomy class said there were three...ok wttf is going on here?....dammit I need to go find a girl who's willing to bend over so I can take a close look with a magnifying glass

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