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Discussion in 'General' started by WiseArms, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. After waking up with a decent hangover I've decided that alcohol make no sense when there is marijuana. It just sucks that its illegal and therefore harder to get.
  2. exactly and it's so much worse for you, so many people are oblivious to that fact.
  3. Alcohol rules, dude. Weeds great, but Alcohol is awesome.

    Dont hate on it cause of the hangovers. Thats alcohols way of telling you that you drank too much. You just gotta learn how to handle your drink.

    Yeah, im Irish. We drinks alot :D lol
  4. Can I hate on it because I think it tastes bad? Mostly? :D I can't hate it for the hangovers because I've never had one.
  5. I hate it because of the way it makes people act, and my father (most of his brothers too) is the worst alcoholic you can imagine. He drinks a fifth of smirnoff a day, if not more. He will fill his cup with straight vodka on ice and drink it like that. I still drink but I can hold my alcohol unlike most people that end up doing things they will regret the next day. Weed is just so much better.. at least for me.
  6. i got a hangover right now, bout to drag my sorry ass back to bed

    Fuck alcohol!
  7. I had the exact same conclusion ealier this morning.

    Horrible nausea, headache, and if you puke it sucks x10.

    Drinkings cool, but getting to drunk is never any fun... after.
  8. I love both alcohol and weed, because they are so totally different for me. I hate drinking while high though. A good way to get rid of a hang over is a drink called a prairie oyster, google it.

    Now next up on my to try list is green dragon, that sounds interesting.

  9. Taste is really more a matter of personal preference.
    The way I see it, you can either drink to taste the alcohol or drink to get drunk. The latter is far more self-destructive. Most kids these days would rather chug cheap vodka then sip a high grade whisky.

    Alcohol has proven itself over centuries to be the most dangerous and harmful drug known to man.

  10. Well they are 2 respectfully different substances, the thought that they are one in the same erks me.
    Alcohol is fun, no doubt-Theres a time and a place for everything. Its hard to imagine a hot hot day, with the grill going, with out a nice icy brew!

    What I find weird is when I was going through college, I could drink from 6pm to 6am sleep for 3 hours ane then go play 3 indoor soccer games back to back all day sunday and then party all over again, drinking WHATEVER was in front of me.
    Now, just thinking about that, I cringe. I still have my irish/german blood that can handle the booze, but my body and brain say HELL NO we aint doin that NO MORE. heh, maybe its for the best, but after 26, I just dont drink as much as I used to,

    And I dont miss one hangover!
  11. i hardly ever wake up with a hangover anymore

    i came to the same conclusion that alcohol isnt great in the same way weed is...i can smoke out everyday, and be fine, but if i go back to my senior year of high school, and drink like that...id be dead right now..

    however, i love making up some awesome food on the grill, burnin a fatty, and sippin on a nice beer...

    beer is where its at....that and occasionally a nice rum....but when you drink a liter of dollarstore vodka...your gonna get a bad hangover...

    fuck todays a nice beer day....ima crack open a redstripe...
  12. I used to think that, too. But, you can only smoke so much marijuana before you just don't get high anymore due to tolerance. Not that that's an excuse to drink alcohol.

    I drink alcohol because I love the buzz that it gives me. As previously said, you either drink for the taste, or you drink to get drunk. I drink to get drunk. I love it, but that's just my preference.

    I used to hate the shit when I started, I didn't understand why I was doing it for the first couple months. I just did. And I had hangovers like a motherfucker. I'm talking violent vomiting getting-sent-home-from-work for 7+ hours hangovers. I just learned to moderate, and SLOWLY build myself up to higher alcohol content levels. I haven't had a REAL hangover in like 9 months, and all I drink now is Jim beam.

    All of that said, in my opinion alcohol is indeed one of the most destructive drugs out there. (Yes, it IS a drug!) with the possible exceptions of crack addiction.
  13. I used to drink a lot, then I found mary jane and haven't turned back since... kinda has to do with my whole philosophy...

    If I get nothing out of it, I won't do it

    So I up and quit drinking all together... and I'm glad I did... being drunk was pointless for me, even having a few drinks.... I would much rather smoke.

    Now I realize plenty of people get relaxation from having a few drinks just like I do with smoking, and theres nothing wrong with that, but IMO there is absolutely no reason to get drunk, or get drunk a lot... it doesn't make you contemplate meanings, or bring out beautiful things like Mary Jane does... it just makes you stooooopid, and makes you talk like an freakin idiot.
  14. Bob Marley summed it up best.

    "Alcohol is the destruction of a nation. Herb is the healing of a nation."
  15. I enjoy drinking as much as I do smoking. But working around it makes you drink less, cuz you see some regulars and look at their lives, the only thing they look forward too is getting drunk..and trying to get laid. Pretty sad actually, they lack moral fiber.

    But, I can smoke whenever I want too, and not feel bad for doing it. Wake n Bake is my favorite time to smoke. But if I started waking up to a glass of whiskey every morning, remind me to shoot myslef.
  16. ACtually its your bodies way of telling you that the alcohol dehydrated you.
  17. i think alcohol just has the potential to do some horrible shit to people
    whereas with weed, it doesnt have that potential, unless its laced or some shit

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