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I've cleaned my bowl in boiling water before

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shittytoker, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I didn't realise that it supposedly can cause cracks from the temperature shock.

    It's still fine right now but should I worry that it could crack? From now on I'm going to use alcohol and pipe cleaners.
  2. I microwaved my bowl in a cup of water and got a fuck ton of resin to smoke.
  3. Obviously it can happen if you quickly change the water from hot to cold.
  4. Yeah I just said I knew that now. Could it crack now tho? Like a week+ after i cleaned it in boiling water?
  5. [quote name='"br3w"']Obviously it can happen if you quickly change the water from hot to cold.[/quote]

    what if you were to put the pipe in cold water, then boil it. Instead of boiling water then throwing the pipe in there.
  6. Effort. Alcohol is more effective apparently anyway.

    But all I'm wondering about is if my pipe is in any danger of cracking in the future?
  7. No it should be fine. :)

    Only extremely sudden temperature change from hot to cold or vice versa will crack it and even then it's not guaranteed to crack from temperature change. If it was going to crack, it would have been then and now, not a week later. :D

  8. No, only during the sudden change in temperature.

  9. It doesn't need to be boiling to remove resin... I turn my faucet on hot and wait about 15 seconds and soak my pieces in that. The resin just oozes out and less chance of it breaking. Also you don't have to boil water... just got to the bathroom for 10 minutes.

  10. Wait... Hold on now... You microwaved your bowl... in a cup of water... and you still some how ended up with smokable resin???

  11. Yeah, is there something wrong sir?

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