I've calculated that my grandparents gave away at least $5,500 for Christmas

Discussion in 'General' started by mrnoname, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. $500 to the grand kids and $1,000 the kids/the parents. This isn't including charities.

    I thought my check alone was awesomely generous.

    But after looking at my parents check and thinking about all the others,

    that's almost crazy generous.

    Crazy being giving away everything.

    And they live so frugally in their day to day lives.

    They just want to help and spread love.

    I'm going to spend a lot more time with them.

    We both know they don't have much longer on this plane anyway.
  2. $500 eh?

    Flip it, get yourself into the game

    Turn $500 into $100,000.

    Then give it all away in legal fees to keep yourself out of prison once the feds catch up to you
  3. Good to hear my friend.The point of this is to give not get.People complaining about not getting what they wanted for christmas are missing the point.It isnt about yourself and what you want.Its about others and what they want.

    Give your grandparents a hug for me.
  4. Take them out to eat at their favorite diner or cook them a bangin meal
  5. That's love
  6. A not so random act of kindness just because they can.
    They sound like great folks.

    When you know your time is short perspective changes. What was once so important becomes trivial, reaching out & touching the ones that you love is a whole new ballgame.

    Return that act of kindness. Spend time with them. Hold their hand if that time has come.

    I'm doing my best to let the ones I love know how important they are.

    I've told the wife I was going to take an early out rather than become a burden to the family & put them through a long illness.

    Off the top of my head you might consider asking them if they had an unfulfilled wish
    & then trying to make it happen.
    Be there for them, I know it'll mean a lot.

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