I've brought some new seeds any reviews???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Deano0991, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Hi
    I've just brought some new seeds company name strain hunters seeds called caboose the write up on the box sounds good but I've not heard of them before. The flowers turn a purple colour in flower yield 900g square foot they grow short so ideal for me being indoors.
    I'm just wondering if anyone has used the name of the strain before?

    Cheers guys

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  2. Short plant that yields 900 gram sounds bullshit a big plant normally says 500 to 700gpsf

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  3. 900g per sq ft lool thats not gonna happen. Maybe 900g per meter sq if you grow it very well and in perfect co ditions but i dought it very much.
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  4. Yep that's what it says the others there was 1000g

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  5. Could be 900g per square metre actually haha but yeah you will only yield if everything is all in check. We shall see what they produce. Also got a free
    Auto flowering what's the deal with the auto flower seeds do you still have to change the light to 12/12 or so you just leave it? I'm not gonna do it this time round anyway

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  6. Use veg light cycle for autos. You might want to consider growing the auto while you veg your others next to it.
  7. Do you just leave it at 18hr lighting then? I've never even looked into before but the shop give me a freebe so not gonna say no am I. I've only got a small veg tent. I couldn't do a full grow in there. Once they have a few leaves I put them into my bigger room where they go into flower

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  8. Yeah 18-6 all the way til harvest, don't need change light cycle at all. (18-6, 20-4, 24-0, etc. all work too obviously)
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