I've broken physics - Any ideas?

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  1. So, I have a 1.2 X 1.2 X 2M tent with a 600W dual spectrum sunmaster and digital ballast in a vented hood.

    Where it gets weird

    I've got a RVK Sileo 150E2-L Fan - (720 m3/hr) paired with a Rhino Carbon filter as my fan out.
    and then a Rhino 150/6' Fan with two settings 390 m3/hr and 760 m3/hr.

    These are hooked up to a SMSCOM twincontroller pro.
    The Rhino Fan is set to 390 m3/hr and serves as my intake.

    What I'm struggling to understand is if my intake moves less air, how can I be getting positive pressure in my tent???. Any ideas???
  2. Likely restriction in your outlet vent path caused by the filter and possibly ducting...

    Air movement ratings of fans are unloaded...adding any sort of load can greatly reduce airflow...
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  3. you can add a simple filter to your intake to keep out bugs, that should even things out.
  4. Yo what a track. Some old school business right there.
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